She has been trying to break up my marriage to her mom for the last 6 years, and now that she is 12, she has gotten very good at it. She always walks between me and my wife, she pouts when I am affectionate with my wife, she gives me dirty looks when my wife isn't looking. A few months ago she spent an entire week saying "hi " to me 100 times a day just so she could make me mad and she could complain to her mom how I yelled at her for saying "hi". I knew what she was up to so I ignored her for a week until I finally told her to stop and she said that she can say hi if she wants to, I told her angrily not to talk back to me and of course she went crying to her mom. Well, she wins, I can't live like this any more so I asked for a divorce. What the spoiled brat doesn't realize is that I am the only one who has been supporting her financially and when her mom is on welfare, she will loose all those luxuries she seems to think she is entitled to.
I hate my husband because he is on the internet about 5 to 6 hours every day and enjoys looking at porn instead of having a sexual relationship with me. The problem is that he doesn't take time to touch or even have any foreplay with me so our sex life just doesn't happen. We have been married for 12 years and I am only 54. I know he likes looking at naked young females, but I feel that we are not that old and if we worked at our relationship we could have a good sex life. He feels he has to look at porn, since he spends more time on the internet, then with me, it makes me think that the porn is more important then I am. I can't even say anything about the internet because he gets so defensive. He works nights, comes home at 7 am and is on the internet usually till nine. Then sleeps and gets up and is on from oh 1 to 4 in the afternoon. Takes a nap and usually is on right before he goes to work, at 9 pm for an hour or so. We haven't even had sex this year yet. I hate to say i
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t, but he has a girlfriend, besides the sluts he watches on the net or he just can't get it up anymore.
Plus he thinks he is always right about everything. I've just learned to say yes, dear you are always right about everything and smile and walk away. I've gotten to the point that I just ignore him when he is on the internet and leave him alone. He doesn't even care or notice. I am tired of begging for sex and being turned down, or he forgets dates, or just doesn't seem interested. Life sucks. I should be SadWife instead of MadWife. I am to the point that I just don't care, because he seems not to either. Marriage should be fun, it should be having someone to spend and share your time with...but I spend most of the day alone, and even when he is here, I am alone. I used to act out and cheated on him, but I don't do that anymore...I just go without sex. I just wanted anonymous sex, not a relationship, because for some reason I still love him and want to be with him, even if he doesn't meet any of my needs physically or mentally. Why do I stay? I started over once and it just comes down to after you know someone for so many years, I guess the sex just goes away. We mouth the words I love you to each other, but we never actually love each other. They are empty.