I recently got a letter from the state of MN IRS division about my 2008 taxes. 4 fucking years after they were due. I had lived in MN for about 3 months of that year but naturally these fuckers just assumed for some reason I had live in the state for the full year.

Seriously you red tape sucking bureaucrats you know I lived in the state but have no fucking idea how long I lived in the state?

So naturally they decided to try charging me for a full years worth of taxes. And 4 years of interests. And a half dozen fees, fines and extra costs that totaled seven fucking thousand dollars is charges.

Now I wish I lived in a world where in the span of 3 months I was making enough money that 7,000 dollars was what I pay in taxes. But I don't. The the level of in-fucking-competence on their side to wait 4 years before contacting, fucking up how long I actually lived there and THEN charging thousands in fees and interests is just mind blowing.

I can ignore the fact that the place I had worked for decided to wait until the end of the year to switch my taxes over and just pay the what should be expected amount, but since they are no longer in business it doesn't really matter.

So after wasting 3 days, hiring a friend who does this shit for a living, requesting all sorts of bullshit paperwork and generally wasting a fuckton of time with these money grubbing fucktards who feel entitled to some insane amount of money it turns out I only owed the bottom feeders $120.00 in taxes. Oh but AFTER all the fees and interests with the interest values changed to reflect the actual amount I owed these pocket picking cut purse street urchins got another $1800 from me. For one fucking hundred and twenty dollars owed.

So the moral of the story kids is fuck the government and IRS in every way you can. Because even when you do everything right and make one fuck up over the years they will bull the fucking fillings out of your teeth to get the money. So abuse them in every way you can and get your moneys worth out of them before they get it out of you.


  1. KING SoulTaker

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    TLDR but got the gist of your angst.

    ~Sucks to be you, Dude he snickers in the barely avoided IRS wage garnishment himself in the ROYAL House of Feels your pain Blues~

  2. KPissed

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    Decay, I agree with you. Hold on to every tax penny you can keep. Don't let the fucking government use your tax dollars to buy cigarettes for drug addicts to help get them off drugs in rehab. Don't let them give big bail-outs to banks who use the money for big pay raises for their execs, while not giving a fucking dime to poor bastards they foreclose on who lost their jobs because the government screwed up the economy. Keep every penny you can. Real pennies that are actually worth more than a penny for the copper content. While they are still making them.

    KPissed - Mad as hell over a system that hammers an old woman on social security for a five dollar tax error, but allows people to come to this country and live off the government dole (SSI) that never worked a day in this country. Can you smell bullshit? I thought you could.

  3. ProblemSolver

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    Not the communism. Not pay the tax like the America. Many the people poor but happy. Have the respect moral integrity the family. If the no money no eat the food.

    Dr Zackson

  4. Arenaria

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    In this country, we are just drones...worker drones. The government and wealthy are the "real Americans".....

    The rest of us are just slaves and don't know it. Just here to do the shit jobs, squeak out a life if we are lucky....and provide income for " The Americans"

    I realized that long time ago....and try to stay under the radar. In that space of being invisible, ...is where you will find the only true semblance of that famous "American Freedom" ! Unless you have balls of steel and a death wish...do the martyr thing...you would get your fifteen minutes of fame, and maybe a movie some day about your efforts.......but dead young...is still, DEAD.

    I think the only way to really take back America, from all this bullshit, is to do it one citizen at a time.....breed the bullshit out.....mothers raise children who don't prize acquisition above all else...and give them personnel validation, and esteem, so they don't need to obtain it by power, money, or being "above" anyone else.

    Only then will this greed and mind boggling pursuit of money be bred out of the gene pool.

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