Hi how's going?

Dr Zackson here ...

I come here wanting talk you the shaking homosexual. Is the insanity isn't it? OK OK OK this one we put in the mental hospital (Taiwan) Give the medicine stop the wanting the circle. Sometime give the operation remove the testicles or penis. Taiwan doctor thinking the shaking homosexual the monster like children! You say this one the peadophile isn't it? OK OK OK we putting this person lock up the mental hospital. We needing protect monster in hospital many the other people wanting kill the monster. Very violent people the mental hospital (Taiwan)

My pleasure talk you

Dr Zackson (Taiwan)


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    Taiwan many the people wanting the hang the homosexual. The medical science try make the drug control people. Just the stand up STRAIGHT listen obey the instruction. Wanting the sex only when the breeding this one.

    My pleasure talk you

    Dr Zackson (Taiwan)

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    Hi hows going?

    Dr. Zackson here ...

    So sorry this one the English me not the perfect one. I the 5.2Ft tall have the wife Taiwan 5ft the tall. We have the 6 child all the doctor one the heart surgeon older one brain surgeon.

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