So i have these friends i have to go to school to everyday. I swear they cannot get it into their minds that if they talk shit about someone, some drama is going to act up. Then when the drama is over they say "i hate drama" then start more. So i left them to hang out with other people that i truley cared about. i still hold them dear but guess what. Rumors about them were spreading and they began getting very annoyed by them. some were even getting picked on.
One of my "friends from my old group came up to me and said this and i quote "its too bad your new friends are getting picked on. You know maybe its your fault. ever since you joined them you only caused them trouble, but they appearently know you better than i do." she says and walks off. it is so obvious that she had statrted all the rumors. they are on twitter. My friends that i actually hold dear were hurt and tired of the bullying so i told them that i had to leave them and go back to hanging out with my other "friends". since the "friend" that spreaded those rumors was popular, she managed to be able to bitch about everyone. i didnt want them to get bul;lied more by my "friends"
since i went back. it has been a living hell. talking to someone really snapped my "friends" off. Little miss rumor spreader wouuldnt want me to leave and make her look like a loser because come on. its not like she is popular right..... (sarcasm). ignored ignored ignored is all i ever get from them. all they can do is talk talk talk shit about other people. people even started to hate me just for hanging out with them. im so done with them right now. imma leave for good because i know that next year, she aint going to be shit. no one will even care about them anymore. people are going to get tired of all of their shit and forget them. Then i get a message from one of them. "i miss you. you made my year so fun" seriously because you ruined mine. Then they invite me to a party at one of their places and guess what. when i get there, no one is there. i check the text and i was there at the right time and place.
i text back wondering where they were and guess what. they went bowling and decided to cancil the party without telling me. i got no apologies. the closest bowling alley was miles away so i decided not to go there. im just so done with them now. this is only a fraction of what they had done. i need to leave but i cant do that without anyone else getting hurt. ughh so done


  1. KPissed

    KPissed 1344 days ago Permalink

    Free advice. . .

    1. Dump the assholes. They can't hurt your real friends anyway. If they could, your real friends would do something about them.

    2. High school is hard on everyone. Pay more attention to your studies than your friends, good or bad, and learn some spelling, punctuation and grammar for fuck sake! You might just get into a good school with a better class of people when you graduate from High School Hell.

    3. Life is short, but no so short that you need to speak and live in text-land, instead of just using it to save on phone costs. And speaking of how short life is, the amount of your life you appear to be wasting on a bunch of ass clowns is something you will wish you had back someday. But it does not work that way.

    So dump the dumb-asses, skip the text-speak, and study up to improve your chances of not having to spend the rest of your life with a bunch of losers and assholes.

    KPissed - Who knows the value of free advice.

  2. Arenaria

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    Just flat out don't is as simple as that. Don't join the drama, don't react to the drama, don't fight against or with it. JUST IGNORE IT !

    These people only have power to ruin your day, if you let them. If they see you still do what the hell you want, despite all their efforts to manipulate you, it will cease to be fun for them. They will just look stupid.

    This kind of crap, only works in High School......shallow bitches who are popular in High School for all the wrong reason.....well, in the adult world.....they end up married to a meth head, living in a camper outside of town, with a sickly dog chained to a turned over trash can, and an old check up on blocks. I have see it, more than once!

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