The other day, I saw a tv show where people had listed their house for sale. Since it did not sell in five minutes the realtor recommended they drop the price by 30K. Enter the tv show hosts who helped the sellers by making them bust their butts for a wek fixing the place up with endless cheap-shit projects not to mention spending about 10K on all the crap they did. Enter the realto who says the place looks great and all the sellers have to do now is drop their price about 30K and the house will sell. So is it irony or abuse that the sellers allowed themselves to be shown on national tv putting expensive bandaids on their house in order to sell it for less anyway, after working their buts off for a week? KPissed - Who thinks the zen master needs to return to Just Rage - and soon!


  1. Arenaria

    Arenaria 1342 days ago Permalink

    I watch some of those home redo shows occasionally. Their solutions always seem so inpractical and stupid ! I saw one years ago of a house somewhere in Kansas.

    They re- did the back yard and put up these huge white canvas "wings" to provide shade.

    KANSAS......aka/ tornado capital of the world ! The stupidest damn thing I have ever seen!

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 1341 days ago Permalink

    Hi Arenaria,

    Guess they never saw that other old show, "The Flying Nun."

    Nice to see you on JR again Lady.

    KPissed - Who ponders many other things, like why some people insist on having the toilet paper come out from under the roll while others insist it come over the top.

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