Dr Zackson here ...

Hi hows going? I just wanting to talking you about the sex. This one only for the breeding. The homosexual make no sense isn't it? The homosexual have no egg in the circle so cannot breed isn't it? OK OK OK so you understanding me the sex is only for the breeding yes?

My pleasure talk you

Dr Zackson (Taiwan)


  1. ZENMaster

    ZENMaster 808 days ago Permalink

    Hey Slope,

    I just showed your minority Chink post to "The Sisters" in Block Q for Queer, and they like to invite you to join them in a community shower that you types are so fond of to discuss this here "Homosexuality" further.

    FYI, there's 6 of them. Mind you don't drop the soap...

    Just passing the time.

    In His Love,

    WP Karl

    c/o The Aryan Brotherhood

    Louisiana State Pentitentiary/Angola

    Death Row Cell # 13

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  2. ProblemSolver

    ProblemSolver 808 days ago Permalink

    The homosexual the insanity this one. America and the England make the drug fixing this one you cannot get the errection for the sex. I come work in the prison give prescribe the powerful drug to stop the prisoner wanting the circle the sex. The circle anus have the no egg to breed the baby so making the no sense isn't it? Taiwan doctor thinking the AIDS come from the bacteria in the circle. The dirty homosexual make the AIDS from the sex. In the Taiwan we putting the homosexual in the mental hospital. Is the insanity this one isn't it?

    My pleasure talking you

    Dr Zackson (Taiwan)

  3. xtisme

    xtisme 727 days ago Permalink

    In America, sex fucks you.

  4. KPissed

    KPissed 722 days ago Permalink

    They say having multiple sex partners without protection is bad for you. Yet time after time, every elected official in every level of government manages to fuck us all.

    After having been fucked by the government so much, I feel I should leave my tax dollars on the dresser, instead of having them withhold it from my paycheck. But I can't afford a new dresser because of all the tax I have taken out of my pay.

    KPissed - Who thinks The Zen Master would offer a Ponderance on this, asking if irony or abuse.

  5. KPissed

    KPissed 722 days ago Permalink

    One more thought on this matter. Will the Affordable Health Care Act manage to protect us from all the abuse of too many unnecessary government appointed Aids? I understand with the way the government officials are constantly fucking us all, its no wonder they have so many Aids. Yet we never seem to get aids or even assistance from the government. Go figure?

    KPissed - Who really thinks we need a Zen Master Ponderance here.

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