Basically the other day i came to a realization that i don;t want anything in life, that is, i don;t want to die till it's my time but i don;t want to be anything great. I don't need fame or tons of cash i just want a enough to take care of myself and have a few friends to kick it with. In the end what is the fucking point, we all die in the end and fame, money, goals, it's all meaningless when you're six feet under and worms are crawling in and out of your rotting corpse.

I used to think if i tried hard enough i could live my dreams and be something great but now i just want to lay around, play video games, eat good food, smoke pot and dick around. Life sucks, the government controls everything you do and people are snakes. Why would you want fame? So you can have people up your ass 24/7 always watching you. Why would you want to spend your life busting ass at some shite college pulling your hair out because you can't take it anymore. Fuck that, maybe someday i'll have the opportunity to do something great but right now i don;t want shit, pass me the joint and leave me to my solitude. Shove your fancy car up your ass, my car drives great and i didn't pay half a million for it. Fuck you and your college degree you fucking drone. I tried college in the past and i got nothing from it except another debt, now i owe money for something that didn't do shit to help me. colleges are there to fill pockets of people who are already rich.

I don;t want to live in some big city either, every place pretty much sucks might as well stay here at home.

i own my own house and have an ok job, i sleep, smoke and play video games all day while occasionally banging my girlfriend, someday i'll have kids and i hope they will succeed in life but for me simple life is enough, being rich just gives you a big ego anyways.

I wish i didn't even have to work but that isn't possible,

Call me a loser, call me a bum, but i'd rather hang in the streets with the bums or live in a cabin out in the woods than be at some shit party with a bunch of fake fucks and people i don;t like.

Fuck everything. pass the weed.


  1. KING SoulTaker

    KING SoulTaker 1351 days ago Permalink

    A wise man once told me that there is nothing sadder than a youngster with a troubled, old Soul, and then began to say something about Megan's Law and shit, but i wasn't really listening to begin with.

    That being said, know that I'm here for you during this troubling time.

    ~Ever the compassionate listener, not much else to do in the ROYAL House of currently under House Arrest Blues~

  2. GayBikersOnAcid

    GayBikersOnAcid 1351 days ago Permalink

    Troubling times? I just told you i'm doing fine. The only ones troubled are those who are constantly wanting more, killing each other to satisfy their own greed.

  3. KPissed

    KPissed 1344 days ago Permalink

    Maybe you don't want anything from life, but I do. I want you to rethink that "someday I'll have kids" part of your post. Just a thought between games. OK?

    KPissed - Who thinks the gene pool should be kept skimmed.

  4. GayBikersOnAcid

    GayBikersOnAcid 1343 days ago Permalink Show / Hide

  5. KPissed

    KPissed 1343 days ago Permalink

    Yes. Sometimes I'm just totally pissed off. Kind of in keeping with the main reason for having this site.

    KPissed - Not totally pissed off now, but expecting turbulence soon.

  6. rumandcola

    rumandcola 1343 days ago Permalink

    Funny that, because I don't want it all either anymore. If I won 6-million-dollars in the lottery, then I'd keep only 250K and give the rest away. Probably to the Police to buy machineguns and bullets with this kind of think. Perhaps to bring back revolvers to play russian roulette with some of these scumbags in the back of an prison van. This kind of thing. You know what I mean man?


    Rum & Cola (over proof only)

  7. GayBikersOnAcid

    GayBikersOnAcid 1342 days ago Permalink

    Hell yeah.

  8. esahgiseh

    esahgiseh 1111 days ago Permalink

    i totally agree. we are so fucked in this life. it's not even the government but the rich people controlling us. the business bitches who control all we do and force us to live certain way. we are all fucked. we are stuck and there's nothing we can do. they force the type of music we listen to, they control how we live, they control what we eat and what medication we take. this life is all shit. and the ones that should care- doctor and police for example are actually the psychopaths who don't give a shit. it's all about the money and unrighteousness rules the world. im so sick of it all. (sounds like u had dreams of becoming famous but i think it has something to want to be better than others. i am with u on that tho because when i was younger i wanted that too, i think it had something to do with my ego. or maybe low confidence. but u r right, we dont need those things. we just need to try to survive.... we barely even get the freedom to do that)

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