My wife (Dr He) -- he just keeps saying / SCREAMING to me 'sell sell sell' Get the money and migrate to America. Get married first. Have the BIG greasy wedding. Seek employement at the local prison. My wife he would get a job there as an doctor while I would land an job as an armed guard on the tower.


  1. ProblemSolver

    ProblemSolver 1352 days ago Permalink

    My wife he say they pay more the 'circle' in America.

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 1351 days ago Permalink

    Are you by any chance related to The Nigerian Eagle?

    KPissed - Who remembers that murderer of the English language.

  3. ProblemSolver

    ProblemSolver 1351 days ago Permalink

    Yes and no. There is a lot of logic in the English language, and it becomes so complicated that there is an specific university degree for it.

    Education is by no means an measure of intelligence, however, though.

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