I was coming home from work, a good day, but a hard day, A real man's kind of day, that kind of day on which America was built because of men like me and our attitude of Can do and by God, will do.
You know?

Yeah, you know.

Anyhoo, I was cruising home, decided to get some Ice Cream, so whipped by the store and got 2 half gallons, NP, in and out in 5 minutes.

Was once again on the way home, Ice Cream on the floorboard because it was on the seat until I had to hit the brakes suddenly due to some
some 100 year plus senior citizen attempting to manuever their RV in a U turn, but I digress...

So I was cruising down the 60, tunes blaring, a balmy 110 degrees, windows down, AC broken, when ahead of me, a young man decided to choose that time and place
to end his life and jumped from the overpass and into oncoming traffic, of which I was a part.

Needles to say, traffic came to a screeching halt and was tied up for several hours, so by the time I finally got home, I was hot, tired, oddly aroused,
and my Ice Cream was liquid and beyond salvation.

Why do bad things always seem to happen to me?


  1. GayBikersOnAcid

    GayBikersOnAcid 1358 days ago Permalink

    Well, you said you were like the men that made America.. Rapists, murderers, adulterers and thieves. Why shouldn't bad things happen to such type of people?

  2. KING SoulTaker

    KING SoulTaker 1358 days ago Permalink

    No matter what you say, know that Jesus Loves You.

    ~I myself am not so emotional towards most people, nothing personal, from the ROYAL House Of Blues~

  3. KPissed

    KPissed 1351 days ago Permalink

    GayBikersOnAcid, rapists, murderers, adulterers and thieves run the country today, and all good things seem to come to them - until the next election, and then only if they get voted out of office.

    Anyone who stops to get ice cream to bring home is not a bad person, and bad things should not happen to them.

    What I find to be a striking irony here is that one old fart who wants to live forever and see the world from his retirement rv, nearly takes everyone else out of the picture making an illegal u turn, while a young person almost finishes the job of taking how many people out by deciding he does not want to live forever. Ah, the mysteries of life and death.

    Does anyone here sense the possibility of a ponderance posed by the zen master?

    KPissed - the humble praying mantis

  4. CuddlySpikes

    CuddlySpikes 1339 days ago Permalink

    just stick it in the freezer.

  5. KPissed

    KPissed 1335 days ago Permalink

    There is no room in my freezer. It is full of good things from the valley.

    KPissed - Not green or jolly

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