I have a couple of important updates I wanted to make sure users know about.

First if you cannot login or post or are having some type of account issues EMAIL ME at decay@justrage.com

1) Over the next few weeks I will be more aggressively dealing with spammers, more so then I have the last few weeks. This means if you suddenly cannot login or post your account or IP may be blocked. If this happens EMAIL me your username and if possible IP address (go to whatismyip.com) and I will fix it.

Over the last 5 weeks I have banned over 20K IP's and added several thousand spam keywords, but there is still much more to do and there is a chance your IP or user account were marked as spam. EMAIL me if this happened to you.

2) If you cannot login after the 5th attempt your account/IP address will be flagged. After 10 attempts you will be set as a spammer. I have found over 1000 accounts (spammers) that had hundreds of attempts per day to login, so this will be a huge benefit to the site in both performance and spam . This will not be deployed until the send password pages are redone and the code for checking login attempts are updated.

3) I will be trying a new IP blocking solution for blocking entire countries from accessing the site. It will be mostly non-english speaking countries or shit countries (Russia, China, Etc.) where most spam is coming from. I will be stress testing this option later this week to see how the site handles it.

4) I have almost finished the system for automatically trusting users. This means users who have posted rages or comments frequently will be able to bypass the CAPTCHA or have their shit flagged. Basically new accounts are simply normal accounts that need to use CAPTCHA or go though moderation. If a user posts a few times (6 comments or rages) they are upgraded to trusted, and do not need to do any bullshit. I am hoping this will be done in a few days.

5) On a more positive note I have a friend buying me a MAC to do an IOS project for them. This means I will be most likely adding 2 features I have wanted for quite a while. 1 will be an IOS app for Justrage (viewing/posting), and the other will be the fits of rage feature that allows people to post anonymous photos / rages that are a paragraph or less in size. These wont be happening for a while as I want to focus on fixing/updating the existing site, but it is likely to happen soon.


  1. decay

    decay 1358 days ago Permalink

    As of today the damn lost password request feature should now be working. Turns out they were just bouncing back but I was not getting notified. So you can now request a lost password.

    Many old accounts could not be logged into because apparently having the last logged in date as empty was causing it to fuck up. So that is now fixed.

    Finishing up a bunch of site optimization. Cleaned out a bunch of Javascript libraries and images that were not in use. Also now using some content delivery network links for large files from other sites.

    Moving images back to an image sprite which speeds up load times a stupid amount. Site is already loading a shit ton faster but it is still limited to the shitty web hosting it is on. The initial request time is still long, but once it is started files should be pushed really fast.

    Made the option to change the avatar image less stupid. So change your god damn avatar.

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