You dont want me...admit it. Its because Im 6 months pregnant. You think I like looking like this!!!??? lol....Just dont wonder why we havent had sex in a damn week if you didnt put in the proper effort. And still wont! "Im going to pound your pussy tonight and lick you till you scream." Then what happens? ZZZZZzzzzZZ thats all you mean by that. You will SLEEP lol....fuck you!!! -.- ahhh...I'll be glad when this little sucker is out.


  1. sunofabeach

    sunofabeach 1366 days ago Permalink

    I would fuck your angry ass, pregnant pussy is the best feeling.

  2. Gamma

    Gamma 1366 days ago Permalink

    You dirty fucking bastards. I'll pay you to go and cut your balls off.

  3. Sneed

    Sneed 825 days ago Permalink

    Nothing like pouring gasoline to the fire........

  4. KING SoulTaker

    KING SoulTaker 824 days ago Permalink

    This was posted 562 days ago. I'm no Doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I do work in a Hospital and am pretty sure she's had the kid by now and hopefully her sex life is back to daily, nightly, and ever so riightly.

    ~If not, I was going through some old junk and found several cards/advertisements for prostitutes, both male and female, from my trip to Las Vegas,and this one for Johnny Cockring looks HOT...

    Just saying...

    ~From the I ain't no Homo but he sure looks good to me ROYAL House of Novelty Song Listening Mood Blues~

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