I am coming for you Decay. I want to show you my grandfather in me. I want to step into a boxing ring with you and smash your fucking lights out (after all bets are placed of course)

I am going to teach you all about murder in an boxing ring like my grandfather (a machine gunner in WW2) -- did in the 1930s.



  1. Without_Your_Balls

    Without_Your_Balls 1059 days ago Permalink

    The winner gets diplomatic status? This way I can drink and drive? As long as there is no event yeah? I don't have accidents. I've had 350HP vehicles too.

  2. GayBikersOnAcid

    GayBikersOnAcid 1034 days ago Permalink

    Make him piss blood Rocky.

  3. Rocky

    Rocky 1032 days ago Permalink

    Nah. I've changed my mind about Decay.

    Let him keep breathing.

  4. Rocky

    Rocky 1032 days ago Permalink

    Decay is not dirty faggot celebrate the circle¡

  5. Alchy1

    Alchy1 412 days ago Permalink

    hahaaa awww see I missed a lot of the roasters/trolls that came onto this site, as they came on after I left.

    I've noticed Decay.. now forgive me for saying, but you get a lot of random (mainly males I'm assuming) accounts coming on and declaring their desire to spit out your blood X) Surely to fuck it can't just be you not updating the site, you got another site you're not telling us about man?

    "Just traffic wardens for justice" perhaps?

    "Just wife bangers.c o m" ??

    Just curious, because you certainly attract zee zombies.

    But then again. Its probably just them directing their inner hatred towards you, because you are the authority figure within this rageful site.

    I suppose we'll never know.

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