I abhor my older brother's very existence. That motherfucker has started dropping by every night after he gets off work to harass me and say/do other very rude and hurtful things to me. I have even tried asking him politely to stop, but he still continues being a fucking douche and does not quit no matter what. It's no wonder why all of his relationships with past girlfriends turned into relation-shits, considering that even THEY have asked him politely over and over again to stop whenever he was being disruptive, but he STILL wouldn't listen. In fact, it got so bad to the point where they would finally yell at him in order to finally shut him the fuck up. Put simply, he is an insensitive, stubborn bully. I am so fucking sick of it and so are all of the other people who he has pissed off! I especially feel bad for his son, considering that he has such an abusive, bullying father. My brother is a piece of fucking shit chode and deserves every bit of scorn from any reasonable member of society. Fuck him!


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