Ever have and email conversation with some fuck at a company and they sign off with "Cheers"?

Yeah in other words I cannot and will not help you so fuck off.

I have seen the use and abuse of this end statement and I just might brutally kill the next motherfucker that uses it

Matter of fact everytime I fucking read let alone hear it I want to kick the mother fuckers teeth so far down thier godamned useless piece of shit throats that they shit teeth like a denture making machine.

Cheers! Yeah just a moment while I crush your mother fucking eyeballs with my thumbs and headbutt your stupid fucking cranium until your fucking ears bleed you cocksucker.

Cheers! Oh excuse me while I shove a shotgun up your stupid motherfucking ass and fire it until smoke pours out of your ears and nose and your eyes spit buckshot you sack of motherfucking horse shit.

Cheers! That is what I am going to say to your toothless crosseyed monster tits mother the next time I ejaculate down her throat Cheers Motherfucker!!!!


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