It had been several months since the Monarch had stiffed the illegals and there had been no retribution so once again arrogance ruled in the Royal HOUSE of Blues.

As our fearless leader went about the day's business, he noticed 5 bullet holes in the windshield of the ever patient Soulmobile. Funny, yesterday there had only been 3. Damn kids these days and their guns, all we had back in the day were pretend guns with caps, if your family was rich, otherwise you just made sounds, Pew PEW Peww, and such, now these kids were out there with actual damage and body counts. Trying not to be jealous or petty, the Monarch casually shifted his clothes just enough to let the local punks know he wasn't looking for any trouble but was ready for anything, he fired the SoulMobile up, and within seconds the sound of the roaring engine and the radio blasting Lynyrd Skynyrds' 14:57 live version of FREEBIRD filled the night as his journey into the darkest of Night would soon be the stuff of Legend...
~After returning from McDonald's with his 3 Fillet o' Fish, 2 Susuasge McMuffin's w/egg, 4 breakfast burrito's, and a number 5 Double Quautrer Pounder with extra cheese and bacon deluxe meal with large fries and a Diet Coke, The Monarch found a notice from the Local Police of Possible weapon and noise violations and a "Friendly" notice not to do anything like this ever again...
~Ponders becoming morbidly obese just to piss off the PO-PO, the Fuzz, the 5-0, the MAN, in the ROYAL House of ever expanding while totally missing the point and OK with it because I ordered "Diet Soda" Blues~


  1. KPissed

    KPissed 90 days ago Permalink

    LMAO at that McD's breakfast. I remember ordering just about everything once after coming back from a long trip overseas (before they had a McD's every fucking place). Came to about $5.69.

    KPissed - Who realizes there have been some price changes since the late 70's, when McD's still let you know how many were served.

  2. ChuggingFairy

    ChuggingFairy 56 days ago Permalink

    are any of the old crew still around?

    The Video:

  3. ChuggingFairy

    ChuggingFairy 56 days ago Permalink

    Kpissed! King! I can't believe you guys are still here! :) How is this possible? -TrueThat

  4. KPissed

    KPissed 5 days ago Permalink

    Is it really you, or is it a pale shadow from the past?

    KPissed - Who waxes lyrical at times

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