It had been a long time since beloved KingSoulTaker had walked the now empty hallways of what at one time had been the ~ROYAL House of Blues~.
Realizing that the place was trashed, AND he had left his weed in the Soulmobile outside, and after freaking out thinking he'd lost his keys only to find he'd left the Smobile running the entire time.
Ever cognizant of his borderline incoherance, yet ever the Patriot, the KING pledged to do the right thing and hire only American contractors to restore the ~ROYAL House of Blues~ (TM) to its former Glory.

After consulting with several Professional contractors and even 2 losers off Craigslist did the ever frugal Monarch hire an illegal Mexican and his 10 year old son for 25 dollars for the job.
~Tries to MAGA but is broke as fuck in the ~ROYAL House of la cucharachua Blues~


  1. KPissed

    KPissed 158 days ago Permalink

    LMAO at the keys still being in the ignition. Love your 10 year old son doing the job for $25.00. Keep up the good work.

    KPissed who knows how hard it is to keep up appearances. Especially showing up here only every other Saturday.

  2. ChuggingFairy

    ChuggingFairy 117 days ago Permalink

    Still trying to figure out how to navigate this site and how much this place has changed. Where the fuck is HeadOn? Fucktard? AngryCracker? Untitled? Bucketknight and even Alchy? :)

  3. KPissed

    KPissed 67 days ago Permalink

    Alchy was here for a while. The rest, however, are just memory.

    KPissed - Who is glad to see an old timer real or unreal

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