Well everyone (and anyone), I'm back.
And I see nothing changed. Kind of a relief really. I mean after having a stoke and all.
See ya round. Y'all come back now.

KPissed - Gone (nearly), but not forgotten (I think).


  1. JimHorrormania

    JimHorrormania 172 days ago Permalink

    Hello kpissed, wow, this place has taken a heck of a tumble... The last comment was 2 months ago, by myself. The reason I'm not here more often is not that I don't want to but rather that it is still impossible for me to log in from my smartphone as I said a long back. I pull out a really old device where I can log in and post but its in poor condition. The three of us have been the only people on this website for a long long time and I really have a soft corner for this place as it is where I discovered the real freakiness of the internet. Hope you stick around as you have for the last 9 years.

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 169 days ago Permalink

    It is a shame JimHorrormania. Have to rethink why I still do come to this place. Ah well, its something to do I guess.

    KPissed - Will the last Just Rager turn off the light?

  3. KingOfSouls

    KingOfSouls 165 days ago Permalink


    Long time no see, decided to check the old place out again.

    Hope all is well.

    ~Hoping all is well from the ROYAL House of Blues~

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