Wow! It's surely been quite a while. Now I know you're probably laughing at me -- WWE? I also feel kinda silly ranting about pro wrestling. But hey, I grew up watching this and I hate what it's become.

Pro wrestling was red hot in the 70s & the 80s when people thought it was real. In the 90s the adults started realizing that it was scripted but it was very entertaining all the same. But in the course of these 20 years the legends have all left, many because they've been treated like shit. Now? The roster is full of shitty people, with no talent, while those with talent have been fucked over by the company. The storylines are so bad, this show is unwatchable now. There's a lot of favoritism going on and WWE pushes its chosen wrestlers down the viewer's throats. There's also plenty of SJW agenda being propagated through this. And now, practically everyone, even the kids know it's fake so there's little point in having two grown men pretend to beat each other up while everyone watching knows it's not real. This'll only push the company to have the superstars perform more and more dangerous acts, endangering their lives. If WWE had closed 10 years ago, a lot of fans would be disappointed. But now, nobody would give a fuck. Nobody watches it. It is impossible to recreate the WWE of the bygone era; WWE can at least save its legacy by gracefully withdrawing. People will remember the awesome and funny moments of WWE from before 2009 -- not the unfunny muck of the last 7 years.


  1. Mangledaftermath2015

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    HorrorMan!... good to hear ya, not so good to hear about the wrestling though.

    How fucken awesome was it back in the day hey?. I remember the 'ultimate warrior' vs 'hulk hogan' being better than any shit mess i've seen on tv since then. Andre the GIANT, oh,,and you had to love that pink/black tag team... what was it... the 'hart brothers'?. No no no, umm,,fuck!. I can't remember, but the name Sean Michaels comes to mind. One of them had a trademark leglock yeh?

    Anyway... its a real shame to hear. Surely theres a good market for it? - without all the asshole middlemen involved, which is probably 18 (or more) executive pricks for each wrestler. Hopefully a spell flames up some wealthy investor who wants to make a few more bucks, or a rich fan,.


  2. JimHorrormania

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    Ah, the Hart dynasty... and the main guy Bret the hitman Hart was fucked over by McMahon the douchebag. And what's more Shawn Michaels was unapologetic about it later on. That's one of the instances where wwe's done dirty politics man.

    And right now? It's STRUGGLING to keep its takers (if there still are any) entertained. You see, this is two thousand-fucking-seventeen & even the kids know this is a put up job so you gotta bring your A game to the table if you wanna be funny

    This telly show's been stagnant for over 6 years now.

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