I heared an odd noise in my wall the other day, about 05.30 AM,, and peered out the window to see wtf was going on.
It was a field worker charging his 'p h o n e' from an external wall socket. He had no idea that i was standing there watching him, so i flicked the light on and said "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE"
The man answered "oh, uhm,, you've got power aye?"...
(I should've said something clever, like nah fuckhead,, both your device and the light i just flicked on are miracles) but i myself wasn't switched on at 05.30 AM.
Anyway, i answered "YES".
The man said "cool".
That's it, no jibber jabber,, technically didn't ask me if it's ok,,, or try to explain himself. Just "cool", without even looking up at me.
rrrrrrr-righteo then. (I am happy to help a stranger out, i've needed to make a call or message someone before but had zero battery). So, i flicked my light off and watched him silently for a minute...
... The man played a virtual slot machine game for two or three spins, then left his device charging while he went to work in the fields.
I went out and unplugged it after one hour.
The man did not come back at all until sunset, roughly 12 hours later.

I really, really hope this happens again. I'm gonna swap it for an ancient mobile, or just gank his funky gizmo!
"Can i get you a drink?, something to eat?,, how's about petrol or straight up cash mate?"... (that's what i'm here for aye).
Fuck, i might just explode,,


  1. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 236 days ago Permalink

    This guy would get my 'fuckhead of the month' vote, but Maulima is in front of that race by about 3 laps.

    Hang on,... 4 laps

    Wait a minute... 5 laps,, now 6.



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