Why do we have to deal with females? Let's send them all to a different planet where they won't be able to destroy true humans (males). There will be no more worthless, stupid, ugly and evil subhumans to deal with. The world will be a better place to live in. There will be more food for all people and everyone will be happy. And then humanity will become great again.

PS: I would advocate for their eradication, but that would be illegal.


  1. KPissed

    KPissed 213 days ago Permalink

    WarriorForTruth, welcome to Just Rage.

    Now about doing away with all females. I can tell you are kind of angry at females. But based on my many years of living, I would venture to say that you will start to feel differently about females once you get more interested in them. Like say by the time you reach puberty. Give yourself time. Tolerance and acceptance don't come easily, after all.

    As for eradication of an entire species, you should take a look at some of the many programs about the Holocaust. Very interesting stuff that, Hitler's final solution to the Jewish Question.

    KPissed - Who wonder's what will happen when WarriorForTruth finally gets it. Or gets it. Just saying.

  2. fsg

    fsg 183 days ago Permalink

    i want to pisssssssss

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