I walked into my bank recently to get some assistance with a 're-draw' from my perzonal loan. I pay back slightly more than required, ever so slightly.
The minimum redraw amount is 500 bucks, an amount which i had reached in excess of my regular repaiments. It has taken years to achieve, thus needing some general guidance on the process. I was the only customer at the bank throughout this whole endeavour.
"Hello sir, how can i help you today"
- G'day mate, i just need some guidance on the redraw process from my perzonal loan thanks.
"Oh, we have internet banking over there if you'd like to do it yourself" (pointing at the 'i p a d' in the corner).
- Umm, yeh see,, i generally use phone banking so i'm here to get a run through on the redraw process if possible.
"Do you have yo"
- I handed over my credentials, and she accessed my details.
"Ok mangled, now,, what was the redraw for?".
- (this caught me by suprise, i can wipe my ass with it if i want, its my fucking money,, but i answered honestly) - Oh, umm,, well i'm doing it tough to be honest. It would get my head above water briefly. Phone kredit is first on the list, then fuel, and birdseed, and
"I see sir, but unfortunately i can't help you".
- What?, i have just checked from a phone box that it is available!. (her body language cringed away from the conversation, because to this point,, she was unaware to my knowledge of it's availability)
"uhhh, no it's not" (sooo awkward, she twists the computer away from me as i attempt to lean over the desk and see what she is seeing).
"Sorry sir" (closes the screen and hands back my credentials).
... Now i was quite puzzled by all this and started to leave the bank defeated, then i remembered the 'i p a d' in the corner for internet banking. Fuck it, i've got nothing to lose,, literally.
It was as easy as accessing any other account, butter bing / batter boom. Took about 30seconds to tranzfer it myself.

So... wtf was this lady's deal?...
Was she trying to help me out in the long run by me paying less interest?... No, not at all. If that were the case, then she would have been more helpful in refinancing my loan 2years ago in order to erase my kredit kard. And she would have been more helpful than last year when i tried refinancing again to remove my kredit kard. That second application she actually laughed at me and said "The bank is making more money off of me now than refinancing me, and it will NEVER be approved". (She did not even process my application that 2nd time). this women knows me.
... So if her priorities are toward the bank fucking me over for the rest of my life, then she would have gladly processed my re-draw, as the bank makes more money off me in the long run via my perzonal loan interest.
Whatever her conflicted motives are, i don't give a fuck,, i just hate that shit being on the wrong side of a desk.



  1. KPissed

    KPissed 223 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, banks suck. One and all. No exceptions.

    How can you call yourself the B a n k and Trust then chain the fucking pens down to the counter?

    And don't even get me started on their lineofcredit for home reno - vations bullshit accounts. Cheaper to use my c card at the home-improvement store.

    KPissed - Who has finally achieved the ULTIMATE home-improvement. Got my lazy ass, crazy bastard fucking brother-in-law OUT of the house - for good!!! Hallelujah!!! AMEN!!!

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