Geez theres alot of smart ass wank stains behind a desk these days... OK, theres more and more displaced attitude and personal agenda everywhere, which un-collars my dogs,, but especially these counter staff who dance outside their jurisdiction...
When i call the doctors office to book THE NEXT AVAILABLE appointment with my doctor, i don't need questions about which day and time suits me best.

(obviously i want to line the fuck up to see a doctor but those days are long gone and i have to 'book it' now as if i'm flying jetstar...
...well, that's what i'd like to do so pretty pretty please do your job without getting offended by me because this is your job and you hate yourself).

"Just my doctors next available appointment please"... what i REALLY don't need are questions about the matter. Sure they can fit me in if theres nothing wrong with me, straight away infact,, but if i'm really really sick then theres no appointments available until blah blah blah.
"Oh, you only want to renew a script mangled?... sure we can fit you in tomorrow".
Why don't they simply introduce short / normal / long appointments? -(This would increase efficiency, and keep doctors from running hours off schedule)- because...the whole industry doesn't want to adhere to a 'time per patient' guideline. They would much rather milk the govt approved patient quota as easily as possible compared to reaching that quota via sick and difficult to diagnos patients. It's not rocket science, they all get paid the same with zero visits per day too. So if a shitty grumpy receptionist doesn't like me, my reason to see a doctor, or if i made a sarcastic response to this inquisition, like,, "if i knew what was wrong with me then i wouldn't need to see a doctor would i"... then the receptionist definately wouldn't book me in for weeks. The fact that something so simple, can piss me off so much,, only pisses me off more...
All they have to do is take my name, and place me at the back of the line,,



  1. KPissed

    KPissed 224 days ago Permalink

    Hi Mangled, glad to see you here again.

    About that getting an appointment shit. Happens here too where National Health Care is a fucking joke no one seems able to get. What I do when I want a quick appointment is to say "Yeah, I just want to renew a script." and, as if by magic, I get a next day appointment. Then I go to the doctor and tell him what my real problem is. And if a few assholes in the waiting room have to wait ten whole extra minutes they didn't expect to . . . . oh well.

    And its really just greed with these medical group doctors (my regular doctor is a prince among men). They want you to make an appointment just to renew a fucking script instead of doing it over the internet with the pharmacy so they can CHARGE you a full fee for a regular visit that includes an exam. So I always try to get what I'm paying for. Know what I mean?

    KPissed - Who thinks the best line at the docs is when he asks "How are you?" and you auto speak "Fine." WTF? If you were fine, ya know?

  2. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 224 days ago Permalink

    Hi KP, ... i hear ya.

    ... also, i feel like a space cadet with this shit,, since i've learnt a bit about your health care shinanighans over there!

    farrrrk .... that for a joke!!

    I just get frustrated easily these days. But on a bright note - i'm driving again...

    Whoo fuckin ray, (mega) road rage (to)day. Ahead to untangle, from mangled mate,,


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