yavol ragerz!... Quickly i'd like to say cheers to our devoted spam warrior here, and thank the tireless efforts in preserving our hate.(lol).
Righto, now i'd like to tell y'all a tall tale of enlightenment and undisgruntled peace over the last 2months,, but i don't have one.
- FUCK TELSTRA - Still charging me incorrectly, then sending me apology's for it "woops sorry mangled, we have reimbursed your phone with 1percent of what we took". grrrrr. I was half way through filing another complaint when, yep,, i ran out of phone kredit.
... fuck it, while i'm here i'll go for two birds with one stone
- FUCK TALLY HO - They have a warning paper that tells you "10 papers to go", which has shitted me off enough because it's just one less rolling paper in the pack right. But lately, there has been zero papers underneath the warning!. Three times now i've ripped away that "10 to go" warning with the above mentioned angst, only to be a bigger chump with NO rolling papers at all underneath it. grrrr.
I suppose my health should thank 'tally ho' (cough cough) for smoking less (cough), but it's the principle that lands them here on JR,, not the 27cents worth of papers.


  1. KPissed

    KPissed 328 days ago Permalink

    Hi Mangled, glad to see you back here. Hope things have been going well - except for this latest outrage.

    About those fuckers who steal from you then make a big deal out of giving you back less than a percent of what they stole. Compared to the Internal Revenue Service here in the States, these guys are all amateurs. The IRS takes from the rich but they also take from the poor. They take more from the poor. WTF? They tax your 2015 tax refund - money they already owed you and are just refunding you in 2016 - when you file your 2016 tax return. WTF??? Even the fucking Mafia gives you a better deal.

    As for the rolling papers. Guess they figure if its wacky backy you're using you won't know either way how many papers are left, how many are gone, whatever Dude.

    KPissed - Need to get as high as the IRS now

  2. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 327 days ago Permalink

    Hahaha!,.. wacky backy!

    A couple of our states have just endorsed the 'medicinal purpose' thing here. (woohoo)...

    - The state on the top of oz is called Northern Territory (creative fuckers aren't we), underneath that we have South Australia (again so inspiring),, the left side is Western Australia (lol),,, which leaves the east. Now there must have been conflict over naming this one because it's divided across the middle into 2... - Queensland above and New South Wales below,, i think i can tell which one was named by an ozzie.

    ...wtf am i babbling on about?... oh - the medicinal hooch aint caught on everywhere yet, but thats no biggie,, i've moved house before!. hahaha,,

    oh, and fuck the irs...... man (lol),,


  3. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 325 days ago Permalink

    FUCK COLES MAYONNAISE! - They have a garuntee on the back of the bottle that says 'Love it or your money back'.

    ("here we go again, you take things too literally mangled",, lol).

    Well, i've finished the bottle and it was fuckin gnarly,, but does my interpretation of love qualify me for a refund?... NO... Are they just skimping out on the ink with a shorter quality assurance phrase in order to provide me with a cheaper product?... NO... - Infact the label was simply generic and nearly half the price compared to last year!. - So am i paying nearly double for a shmancey garuntee that may or may not be ideal for 6yr olds?... NO... - I'm paying nearly double so some great shit lines their pockets quicker, thats all. I would've enjoyed buying more next month too but for an exta 1 percent i can choose between several name brand ones now.

    bah, who am i kidding,, i can't afford mayo anymore,,,


  4. KPissed

    KPissed 325 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, one word about the mayo - THEFT!!!

    Go to the nearest fast food or restaurant that has condiments on the counter and ....well.....just grab some man. I mean . . .condiments are a basic human right. Like air and water and cable TV. I never pay for shit like salt, pepper, catsup, mayo, mustard, even malt vinegar from the local chip shop. And with the prices some places charge for shit, it's like they owe me. You know? Last time I got tea at frikken Star Bucks, I got enough lemon wedges to make lemonade at home. With the sugar, etc. So fuck paying for this stuff. You know what it says in the Bible? The Lord helps those who help themselves. AMEN!

    KPissed - Who does not "hold the mayo". And don't forget the free napkins too.

  5. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 323 days ago Permalink


    My ex (american) use to get mega aggro paying for those little packs / punnets of stuff here, every time,, she would rare up with fury! hahaha.

    I can remember when shops first begun charging 5cents for a little squeezie pack of tomato sauce, people would tell them to shove it,, and literally eat somewhere else. Before long it was 10c, then 20c,, shit i havn't even bought any since paying 80c for one over 17years ago. Major fast food places do permit a dipping sauce with your meal, a couple if you've purchased two items,, but not always. (again this is years ago) but i actually had to purchase 2x6 pack of nuggets SEPERATELY if i wanted 2xdipping sauce!. double whack!!.


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