The people in charge of TV programming think we are all a bunch of stupid fucking assholes. They think we are easily manipulated into doing or watching whatever shit they put on. And here's the proof.

One show I watch is The Walking Dead. It's a pretty good show. So good that it has several huge web sites and net pages devoted to it. And there is also a one hour long show AFTER the Walking Dead called the Talking Dead where the just aired episode is reviewed and discussed in detail. This show is also entertaining and, as it airs right after the Walking Dead episode, I usually watch it too.
So where's the TV manipulation? Here it is.
The Walking Dead network also has this other show called "Into the Badlands". This show is a stinking piece of trash about a dystopian society run by casts of ninjas and other jackasses. Its an hour long shit fest of violence and CG (so the actors don't actually have to do any martial arts moves). The plot is almost non-existent and whatever dialog there is sucks more wind than the actors trying to look like they are really doing the moves. So how does the network promote this lousy show and get people to watch it? Like this.
Right after the Walking Dead airs, the Talking Dead should air next. But no. Halfway through the season, the network airs Into the Badlands right after the Walking Dead. Then they put the Talking Dead on AFTER the shit show. They do this in the hopes that we sheep will all stay right on that station and watch a garbage show while waiting to watch The Talking Dead. Thereby increasing the audience share of the shit show enough to sell more ad time to the sponsors.

TV networks think we are all such mindless idiots that we have not yet figured out what the fucking remote is for. They think we'll all just patiently sit through a crap show until the one we want to watch is on an hour later. Get a clue TV network shit heads! Most of the stuff advertised at those times is expensive, high end shit. People who can afford that shit usually have high paying jobs. Which usually means they are educated enough to know they are being manipulated. So what's the fucking point of doing this and insulting us all? NONE!!!
When I see blatantly insulting manipulation of this type, I just write a little note to some of the sponsors explaining why I will not be buying any products advertised on the shitty show, and maybe not even on the good show because I don't like having my intelligence insulted. Don't know it this does any good, but it helps me blow off steam. And it keeps the post office in business.
KPissed - Speaking of the post office makes me think they should have a new spin-off to the Walking Dead called the Working Dead. Post office, Walmart, DMV, etc. for casting calls.


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