I've started up my group with the "Fuck feminism" post from a few days ago, and now it's time for others to share to the group.

Come one, come all!


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    Angered One, I'm not sure the Groups work on JR right now. I tried it a while back. Set up a group, added members, but somehow was never able to post some of the stuff. ????? Well, good luck with it. PS. I've posted the admin about this problem but no fix as yet.

    KPissed - Who wishes the Groups worked better.

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    Angered One, about that "fuck feminism" thing. I am sick and tired of ALL self-promoting shit movements, groups, and individuals - who should know better.

    The current one that pisses me off the most is Black Lives Matter. ALL fucking lives matter! By saying black lives matter, they are saying no one gives a shit about them and if they get killed. Having lived in some of the worst shit-hole ghettos on the planet, I can safely say that after growing up in some of the worst violent areas of NYC and spending a lot of time in more shit-holes overseas, by my observation its the locals who kill each other off, not cops. Most black people who were murdered in those NYC ghetto areas were killed by other blacks or Latinos. But every time the cops tried to find out who did it, no one ever "saw" anything. They blamed the cops for not finding the killers but refused to cooperate with any investigations. WTF?

    KPissed - Don't even get me started on "police brutality".

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    One more thing. I have black family members. And Latinos too. And Asians. And when I was growing up in Bed-Sty and Bushwick in Brooklyn, the South Bronx, Hell's Kitchen, and Chinatown, we were told not to go out at certain times and to avoid certain places and people. Because if we didn't, we were at risk of being murdered. And yeah, people - even poor whites - avoided any involvement with the police. Because the police were trained to respect the wealthy and suspect the poor. So as poor fuckers, we were ALL, black, white, etc., suspects. So we all watched our step and most people were decent enough to look out for each other. Not like today, when everyone comes out with signs and candles when someone is killed, but won't do shit for the good of the whole neighborhood.

    KPissed - Not a fan of bad cops, but knows we need the cops around.

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