How the hell do you have National Health Care that is not paid for by the Nation?

How the hell do you force people to buy something they can't afford and call it "affordable" health care?

How the hell do you make it a law to buy health insurance people can't afford, then fine them money they don't have if they don't pay for a policy they can't afford?

How the hell is it "affordable" to have a policy with a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR DEDUCTIBLE where the insurance provider doesn't have to cover one cent until you spend that deductible amount AFTER paying as much as 40% of your entire before tax income buying that health insurance?

How the hell is it a law that people have to buy health care, but the health care insurance "provider" does not actually have to give you what you are paying for?


The closest thing we have to "affordable" National Health Care in this country is Medicaid, which is only available to people on welfare or disability or other disaster circumstances, and the total free health care for life enjoyed by members of Congress, who should be able to pay for their own medical bills. Everyone else has to pay through the nose. Including seniors who worked all their lives but have to pay when Medicare doesn't give them enough to cover medical needs. These seniors have to pay taxes on Social Security AND for additional insurance to cover what Medicare won't pick up. But people who never worked in this country or paid any taxes get SSI - also from Social Security - and free Medicaid!!! No bills for them and no requirement to buy any health insurance.

So these are the forms of National Health Care. And its true. The whole Nation, We The People, are paying for their health care paid for with our tax dollars, while still having to pay for health insurance policies that don't cover our health care.

When it comes to National Health Care it should all be paid for by taxation, just like they use our tax money to pay for non-taxpayers to get health care free courtesy of the rest of us.

When a person works in this country and reaches the age of 65, they should never have to pay another medical bill.

People on welfare, people in prison and illegal aliens being detained for breaking our laws - including tax evasion - should not get better health care than We The People who are paying for it all.

The Netherlands, England, Canada, Australia, and even Iceland with 300,000 people, all manage to provide affordable health care with no bills to worry about for their citizens. WHY CAN'T WE DO IT HERE?????

KPissed - Don't even get me started on how a person who gets fired has to keep paying for "affordable" health care, while members of Congress who get "fired" by not getting re-elected get a free ride for life.


  1. TheAngeredOne

    TheAngeredOne 356 days ago Permalink

    I'm sure the guy with a low retirement budget would love to pay 1 grand if they ever got cancer. Nothing changes when you force it upon people either.

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 356 days ago Permalink

    Angered One, this whole Obamacare system is pure shit and a political payback gift to the insurance and pharmaceuticals companies. With huge deductibles before the insurance company has to cover a cent most folks won't be able to shell out that much money in a year, so they will never get anything from the insurance policy they are paying for. In effect, this makes health care even less available for some people as it was before.

    Sweet deal for insurance companies. They rake in big bucks for policies they never have to pay on. Its like letting car insurance companies have a deductible as high as the price of the whole fucking car. So they never have to pay any claims and all the policy money they get is pure gravy.

    And old people get sick more. Which is why younger people are paying through the nose. Which is why we need healthcare through regular tax deductions. When someone on welfare gets sick the only thing they have to worry about is getting better. Working people have that worry plus the stress of thinking about the bills - AFTER insurance.

    KPIssed - Obamacare makes me sick!

  3. KPissed

    KPissed 356 days ago Permalink

    One more thought. Obamacare was supposed to make it illegal to deny health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. So why can't this just be the law for every insurance company?

    On that subject, auto insurance companies charge more money for people who have accidents, traffic fines, points on their driver's licenses, don't have a garage, drive more miles a year, and live in a shitty high auto theft neighborhood. And this is totally legal as car insurance companies claim these issues put that car they are insuring at greater risk for a claim being filed. Life insurance companies charge higher rates or even deny coverage to smokers, people over 50, cancer survivors, the overweight, and people with pre-existing medical conditions. And this is also legal. So why can't health insurance companies offer a discount to people who don't have these issues? Because they make more money blaming people for shit that hasn't even happened because it might happen. WTF???

    KPissed - Totally angry now, which is bad for my health.

  4. KPissed

    KPissed 348 days ago Permalink

    Just thought of something. Since the big deal about Obamacare - aka NHC - is supposed to force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, why can't the government just make it a law that all insurance companies have to do this?

    It's ridiculous to assume that no young person will ever have a deadly illness or that a senior citizen won't ever live to a 100 without so much as a cold. Shit like this happens every day. So insurance rates should be based on one basic starting rate, and go up - or down - depending on use. Or, better yet, just have a standard withholding tax paid by every working person for each family member, that would cover everything. No paperwork, no deductibles, no bullshit. If you want a face lift or diamond tooth implants well that should be on your own dime. But kids braces, hearing aids, mammograms, etc. should all be paid by National Health Care.

    As for others not working, they get Medicaid. As for seniors Medicare should cover everything. No one who has lived and worked until old age should have to pay a cent for healthcare.

    KPissed - If they can privatize the post office, they can create National Health Care that works.

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