Watched Donald Trump's First Address to Congress. So it was a few weeks ago but I finally had time to watch it.

He said a lot of good things that made a lot of sense. But so did Obama, Bush and all the Presidents at their first Congressional addresses. So what's the difference? TRUMP SPEAKS PLAIN ENGLISH!!!
Leaving the politically correct bullshit-isms behind left more time to say more things. So you would think that everyone in Congress would have understood what he was saying. But no.

One thing he said over and over again was that both Republicans and Democrats had to work together to get the job of fixing the USA's problems done. Yet almost every Democrat refused to give him supporting applause - just to show they were more loyal to their fucking party than to the people who elected them and who pay their fucking salaries and provide them with FREE healthcare for life. Because they wanted to be sure we all understand that their party is much more important than the mere American People in their regard.
Anyone who completely rejects the idea of working together to fix the serious issues this country has just because they are annoyed that Hilary didn't win and there's a Republican in the Whitehouse is an asshole. By showing their stupidity openly, they are admitting to We The People that they have no intention of voting to approve any measures Trump proposes just because he's Trump.

This is like having the fire department of a town called to put out a fire and having the Democrat firefighters refuse to work with the Republican firefighters!!! They'd rather let the fucking house and occupants burn to make a point on their political differences.


When Trump said the USA is basically bleeding money out our asses giving it away to foreign nations who give us no respect much less thanks, and spend that money here helping Americans - the Democrats didn't applaud him. So in effect, they are saying "Hey Donald Trump, we don't give a shit about Americans in need, we want to keep giving money to foreign countries to set up schools where the first thing the kids learn to write is Death To America.

When Trump said he wanted to subsidize American manufacturers so they could make things here and employ American workers, the Dems didn't give him a supporting round of applause. Guess that means they'd rather see more people at the unemployment office, drinking water from a water cooler made in China out of cups made in Malaysia.

When Trump said he wanted to fix "affordable" healthcare so it is truly affordable and people can actually use it, the Dems were silent again. They, who get free healthcare for life courtesy of the American taxpayers, would rather see Obamacare that does not work continue to bleed the American Worker dry from high insurance premium payments. Payments with a $5K deductible, which leave them no money to pay for their health care co-payments. Yes, they would leave Obamacare in place, rather than see it replaced with something that does work, just because a Democrat put it into effect (or ineffect).

These Democrat assholes - including the stupid group of bitches in the gallery all wearing white, booing, and giving the thumbs down sign to everything our duly elected President said - would rather have the American people witness their determination to vote against or otherwise obstruct every single measure proposed to help the American people just because a Republican proposes it, than to just admit Hilary lost the fucking election and say lets just get on with things.

Mother fucking sons of bitches!!!

So why would they reveal their disregard for We The People so blatantly? Why would they not care what we think? Because they think we are all stupid fucking sheep who are sitting around playing games on the internet or watching Dancing With the Stars than paying attention to what's happening in our Nation. And they got this idea because no matter how shitty a job they do they usually get elected or re-elected just based on party affiliation. Guess the last election didn't teach them anything. Maybe Trump will before he's done. Hope so anyway,

KPissed - Who thinks God had better bless America before the Democrats let it all go to hell.


  1. TheAngeredOne

    TheAngeredOne 357 days ago Permalink

    Funny how every democrat got pissed and said "HURR DURR HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT" and kept saying nonsensical bullshit about how he's "unfit" or "unqualified" but they still supported the bitch that sat and bragged about their financial status, gave 0 fucks about a family that lost a member (veteran), and suspiciously deleted 33,000 emails. First up, Trump has every qualification. Second, Hillary would be impeached quicker than dumbfuck Bill Clinton!

    They belong in hell. Most, if not all of them.

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 357 days ago Permalink

    Angered One, my favorite Hillary remarks were made during one of the debates. They dug up one of Trump's private conversations with his staff where he made typical guy type comments regarding some woman and how he'd like to have sex with her if it was offered. Locker room talk. Well they let Hillary use this taped private conversation as fuel in the fire on behalf of women's rights. She stated that any man who would say such things about a woman or put his hand on a woman should not be President of the United States of America. Trump's response was to gather a panel of five women who had been sexually used by Bill Clinton while he was in the Whitehouse. Including two of which had been threatened AND paid off by Hillary not to discuss it.

    If you're going to highlight someone's behavior as a model for how qualified they are to be President, its not the brightest idea to think everyone has forgotten Clinton's sexual escapades. Or his smoking pot. Maybe Hillary lost because she was running on the wrong party ticket. Maybe she should have been a member of the Pot Party.

    KPissed - Who did not smoke or inhale. Or shove a cigar up anyone's ass.

  3. TheAngeredOne

    TheAngeredOne 356 days ago Permalink

    So I can't be president if I take up sex from a hot bitch but a whore with a criminal record can be president?

  4. KPissed

    KPissed 356 days ago Permalink

    Angered One, what get's me going is how Hillary could be so stupid. Trump just talking about women in a sexual way in private or putting his hand on a woman's shoulder in public, with the woman's consent, can possibly be considered more offensive than her asshole husband Bill actually screwing women - with or without their full consent - and doing it in the fucking Whitehouse. I mean, did she think he wouldn't say anything back at her?

    I may not be Trump's biggest fan, but I'm glad someone as stupid as Hillary Clinton is not the President.

    KPissed - Who also wonders how come no one was allowed to talk about Hillary's part in the Clinton's big business scandal - while Clinton was President.

  5. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 325 days ago Permalink

    KP / Angered, does trump want to change your first amendment or something?... I seen some shit on the news here about his absence from a real shindig, (the first prezzie to do so),, and a comedian there dished him up a serve... That guy's got some fuckin brass monkeys i reckon, but if nothing happens to him then i guess Trump is all for the 'freedom of speech' thing. Better yet, Trump ought to publicly address that guy as a right fuckwit for his antics,,

    (and he wasn't that funny for a comedian either)


  6. KPissed

    KPissed 325 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, Trump speaks plainly. He wants the country run like a business, not have us go broke or more into debt, and wants more Americans working instead of living on "entitlements".

    Democrats here - who love to give everything away to buy votes for their party - are all pissed at him. Since most media and press here are Democrats, still pissed that Hilary didn't win, they fuck with everything Trump says. Those in office say they won't vote to pass anything he proposes. Trump called them out by telling them to state in writing they won't vote for anything he proposes, even if it benefits people.

    As for changing the First Amendment, it's bullshit. Once again, the media hungry for "news" to report, has spread this shit. It is not discriminatory to do a background check on anyone who wants to immigrate here - anyone. Walmart checks your background - even asking you to piss in a cup in front of another employee - before hiring you for min. wage, so why shouldn't the govt. check on people who want into the US?

    KPissed - Who loves Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump on Saturday Night Live though

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