The fucking school busses that get in my fucking way to work (or any place for that matter), please run off into a ditch and explode. Seriously, you are simply IN THE WAY. These tard vans have their multiple stops to pick up or drop off kids, and take their precious fucking time doing it! And why the fuck can't I just pass you? That tiny ass stopsign on your side wouldn't stop me if it was legal to pass these shitheads. Not even the worst part, the drivers drive s...l....o...w as FUCK. Still can't pass these motherfuckers! The worst for me is awful. My work time for the morning (7:30, have to be at work by 8:00) lines up for the time the bus driver down the street to take off and deliver kids. If I'm early I can beat him, but if not, I end up behind the fucker and I'm almost late with an average of 5 minutes left! WTF?!?


  1. KPissed

    KPissed 357 days ago Permalink

    No argument here Angered One. I hate this shit too. For one thing, no kids around here walk to school. Even if the school is within sight of their homes. That's because there are no sidewalks, just lawns running down to the street so its DANGEROUS for kids to walk on the grass. WTF? Why does the town allow people to build houses with no fucking sidewalks? Which is why everyone walks in the fucking road. With their dogs and their jogging and bikes and every fucking thing stretching out halfway across the street so you have to avoid running them over at any fucking moment.

    But the worst is these fucking foreign kids - Asians and Indians - whose whole fucking family has to escort them to the bus, still putting their hats and coats on, holding their books, feeding them their fucking breakfast even. All of which takes ten or more fucking minutes from the time they emerge from their house - which is also late coming out! And when you have multiple busses picking up multiple kids and their fucking parents all having a chat with the fucking bus driver too.....GRRRRRR!!!!

    KPissed - Who thinks kids should get one fucking minute to get to the bus or no ride.

  2. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 330 days ago Permalink

    We have to give way to them all here in aus aswell Angered, but ofcoarse the bus drivers exploit that fact to the extreme... They don't even glance in their mirrors when taking off from ANY stop here, just straight out,, foot flat,,, re-entering traffic.

    Most people pass stopped busses here way way off the throttle ay, even when they have a whole 'bus lane' there to allow traffic flow past. rrr. They all drive like wankers in my experience - (considering they are responsible for all the lives aboard, take a tiny bit of caution ffs!). Occasionally i've seen a brief flash of an indicator signal to warn the flow of traffic that they're about to sideswipe whoever the fuck is there, but those few times,, the bus had already committed to the manoeuvre anyway.

    .., And then theres people who step off a bus and walk straight out across the road as if every fucking bus stop is also a pedestrian crossing?, Far - .....(deep breathe)..... - kinghell,,


  3. KPissed

    KPissed 328 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, here's a story that, had I not heard it from someone I trust, I would not have believed it.

    This guy got a job driving a school bus near here. Turns out he was trying to get fired for discrimination so he could sue the school system for many thousand dollars - easy living after that. Well this guy is a Muslim. He takes the school bus out and stops it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOUR WAY INTERSECTION!!! Then he gets out of the bus with his prayer rug and kneels down to pray in the intersection. WTFFF???

    Some of the kids - all special needs kids too - got off the bus too. Two started imitating the guy praying but some started wandering away. People jumped out of their cars to collect the kids. The cops came but the bus driver said it was his religion to pray exactly on time. I have Muslim family. They all say the call to prayer means as soon as you can not immediately. So this guy is full of shit. The whole case in in court now. So I'll have to check to see what happens.

    KPissed - Church and State are separate. AMEN!!!

  4. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 327 days ago Permalink

    KP- Freaky story! i'm curious of any outcome, if it comes around.

    I've never delved into A devine spirit / religion / god / thing, not that i'm uncapable,, but would feel somewhat hypocritical to disregard any. Nowadays commencing work here, there is a section of induction specifically for nominating your religion / god / thingy,, but only 1 is permitted. (i think for allocating hollidays and such). Anyway, why the fuck is it only 1 devine faith out there all the time ay?.

    ... (ahem) - probably cos any employer doesn't wanna pay for eight trillion hollidays a year mangled! (lol). but yeah nah, who are they to restrict my beliefs to ONE! (if i had any). Who is anyone to do that?.

    They all seem a bit 'my way or the highway', from a distance that is. And that's just 1 reason why i should never get dury duty (although old mate could've caused a right ca'fuckle with that stunt i suppose),,


  5. KPissed

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    Mangled, they'd never get away with asking people that shit here. Which, in a way, is too bad. Most people like to get hired first, then start bitching that they are being discriminated against if they can't get all their holidays off. And they also get some discrimination groups involved so they can sue the company for not giving them their day of "religion" off.

    But about you not having a particular religion. I can see how you might be put off by some of them. So I'd like to suggest a few more mellow ones as follows: 1. Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin - only day to observe is Halloween in the Pumpkin Patch. 2. Buddhism. Take a meditation break instead of a coffee break. 3. Ba'Hai where every third day is a day of rest and feasting (not for the women who have to cook the feast though). 4. Paganism. Pick a god. Any god. 5. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, where you get to wear a colander on your head.

    KPissed - Who wonders if they eat the spaghetti frist?

  6. Mangledaftermath2015

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    LMAO!... I've never heard of it but i might be part Ba'hai already! - i eat every third day, but do sweet fuck all 9 days a week,,


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