I get road rage when getting stuck behind really slow drivers it like I''m shouting out my window at some old lady driving to her destination all I could say "GOD DAMMIT you're DYING you'll die before you get there!!!" and some nincompoop who actually put his turn signal to cut me off to slow down with his finger jam in his nose like he's a FUCKING moron digging for gold like he can't control his finger and his foot at the same time FUCK SAKE!!!! :; ????


  1. KPissed

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    roofy, I know how you feel. A few years ago, I had to go someplace and be there ON TIME. I left extra time to make the trip like I usually do. Not enough time to handle the two cars in front of me though. Two lanes. Two cars. One in each lane. Speed limit 55. Max speed of both cars, one blocking each lane 25 FMPH (that stands for FUCKING MILES PER HOUR).

    One car was driven by and 90 year old wheezing old jackass looking UNDER the steering wheel while driving in his original hipster hat from the 50's. The other was held together with tape, safety pins and Jesus Saves stickers, and the driver was the oldest living black man to still have a valid license - signed by Abraham Lincoln on Juneteenth.

    KPissed - Who is grateful for self control on the road.

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    Had a bit of a chuckle. This is reminding me of something.....

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