Seriously, feminism has no place on this planet. You hate men? So fucking what? Nobody cares. You can stop going to your little parades holding up signs reading "MEN ARE FUCKING STUPID" and stop the pissing contests with people who don't agree. (they'll be mad to know that nobody agrees)

Lame fucks.


  1. KPissed

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    Welcome to Just Rage TheAngeredOne.

    About those feminists. Maybe you're onto something there and they should just stop wasting their time complaining about little things like only making 33% of what men make for doing exactly the same job, and only holding 2% of all management jobs in this country.

    This will leave them more time for rushing home from their 66% less pay job to get the groceries, their husband's suits from the cleaners, the kids from all their activities, making dinner while cleaning the house, paying the bills, doing laundry, helping the kids with their homework, cleaning up after dinner, doing the yard work and taking the garbage out.

    This way, their men can be free to do the really important work of getting the mail from the mailbox and watching the news on TV and looking at internet porn.

    KPissed – Don't even get me started on pissing contests.

  2. TheAngeredOne

    TheAngeredOne 357 days ago Permalink

    I think you mean "welcome back." lel

    And all that stuff is true. These people just get sand ind their socks for every little thing. A man getting their credit score up quicker than a woman is apparently something to bitch about in today's society.

    Too stupid to realize anything. This will be the downfall of our race. Humans going against themselves just by gender! Feminists can't even get it through that they'll need a man to have children. A plug and and outlet make a baby, but two outlets will sure as hell make jackshit.

  3. KPissed

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    AngeredOne, it is a damn shame how men and women get pitted against each other. Don't know if you ever watched any of those old cartoons or TV shows, but they always show the men as being sort of ineffectual or reactionary assholes while the women are shown as wise and long-suffering. Like the Honeymooners always shows Ralph as a big mouth jerk and his wife Alice as the strong one. And it's not only men vs. women. The kid shows always show the adults as clueless fucks while the kids are the smart ones who save the day. So TV and the movies have fucked not one but three entire generations into thinking that one person in every home must be the dominant one while everyone else is forced to be submissive or lesser humans.

    KPissed - And don't even get me started on shows like Hazel and Mr. Belvidere where the fucking servants are smarter than their employers who pay their wages.

  4. WarriorForTruth

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    Let's send all females to Mars / Moon and they won't be our problem at all anymore.

  5. KPissed

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    WarriorForTruth, if what you say is true about females, don't you think the Martians would get really pissed at us for sending them all there? Just saying. You know?

    KPissed - Who generally disapproves of sending all females off-world, but thinks Hillary Clinton would make a great first ambassador to Mars or Governor of the Moon.

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