One time I was working out and I hate it when they rudely interrupt me something I have a very low tolerance about when having my ear piece and focused with training. This happened so many times and I may sound like a fucking dick head but if my ear buds are in don't FUCKING bother me, it basically means THE FUCK tuning our from the world, and be in Miguel's world filled with the sound flow to my ear that is jamming to my earbuds supply to it. That does not invite you to FUCKING form an attraction that distract me to get in my face, and gesture that I should fucking listen to you. The last time this happened, some dude followed me from one machine to the other, got past me and turned around. Once he had my attention, he started blurting out the most fucking fuck stupid fucking non-sense, and hinted me like if I dropped something or there is a god damn emergency, DO NOT FUCKING INTERRUPT MY ATTENTION! . Thanks.


  1. KPissed

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    Hi roofy, and welcome to Just Rage.

    It is inconsiderate to bother someone wearing headphones. It's like butting in when people are talking to each other. Unwelcome, uncouth and unnecessary.

    Try working out with a ski mask on or a hood over your head. I guarantee, NO ONE will bother you then. Just a suggestion.

    KPissed - Who also thinks wearing a visible weapon might work too, but there are all these damn laws about that.

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