Everyone is entitled to his opinion but i believe it would serve the celebrities better if they did not run their mouths about stuff they know next to nothing about. Of course, people voicing their opinion always will and should be legal but why the hell do celebrities get involved in politics and why does the media endorse them so? What kind of a person gives a fuck what the celebs think? What kind of a person gets influenced by them? A sad reflection on our society is, many do. It is very, very sad that millions of young people have as their role models people like Miley Cyrus and lady gaga.

Let us face a bitter truth: celebs are whores. There, that's what they are, nothing more. They do on screen what the people want them to, in exchange for money, sell and sensationalize their private lives and toe the politically correct line of the society, for otherwise they cannot survive in the industry. They are entertainers and thus, I do not believe people should be looking towards them for guidance for who to vote for.

In 2016 the celebs really abandoned all shame and ethics and virulently opposed Donald Trump because he dared to be politically incorrect. They have all the right to be opposed to him but they shouldn't have urged their fans to do the same. One cannot enforce one's opinions on another. By doing so, they alienated a part of their fan-base who is pro-Trump. They shamelessly antagonized him because they were sure he would never win. Win he did and these guys ended up looking like a bunch of complete fucking morons. They should've kept their trap shut.

A good celebrity is apolitical in their public personality. Privately, they may be for or against anyone. More than anything, these fucking losers should realize that they are mere entertainers and do not mean jack shit to the productive and practical society, and not some very important persons to be looked up at.


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    So right JimHorrormania! These celebrities should remember that they too, like politicians, depend on their own popularity ratings to stay in their game or get in the game. I love it when they say how much they had to "sacrifice", the politically correct term, to become stars. Which means is how much whoring - men and women alike - to get where they are.

    I can understand some of them have to do shit like that to get in the game. What I can't understand is people like Miley Cyrus, whose famous dad helped her in the music business. But then she acts like a whore? Leave that to people without help from famous dads. And don't even get me started on those true whores the Kardasians. The media covers Kim K's entire pregnancy with Kanye West (another asshole who thinks he has something to say about politics) while still married to her husband. And little girls everywhere want to be like Kim. WTF???

    KPissed - And let's not forget Justin Beiber's TV special about his "long road" of hardship on his way to the top - made when he was 15!!!

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    About Trump not being politically correct. He speaks plain English. Problem with that is people having been speaking the language of political correctness for so long, they can't understand plain English when they hear it. He tells it like it should be told, so everyone can understand.

    As for political experience, Trump ran his own campaign mostly with his own money. So he doesn't owe big favors to the big money that got him elected. Like Obama owed the big insurance and drug co.s. Which is why we have fucked up Obamacare instead of true National Health Care, like England, and the Netherlands, etc.

    KPissed - Guess Obama's 143 days of political experience before he was Pres. wasn't enough.

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    One more thing about celebrities and politics. A lot of these stupid fuckers thing they too may have a shot at some elected office. Some actors, like Ronald Regan, are actually capable of doing the job. But the rest of these assholes think all you need is popularity to get in, and just enough to get re-elected. So they get pissed at Trump because they say he has no experience. I can tell you the world of big business a much rougher arena than any movie set. You get chewed up and spit out in a New York minute if you make even one mistake. So people who are in business enough to do as well as Trump do have experience. And the experience we need most in this country now is financial know how. Not more politically correct bullshit, we already have more than enough of. When I read phrases like "food insecure" which means fucking starving, I just go nuts!!!

    KPIssed - Who knows the purpose of speech is communication or else its just hot air.

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