So I have class daily, I also live on campus, this is not a normal uni it is family base.
Well I leave my laptop cord in my classroom each night as it's just one of those things that are to much to carry around. Well some work has been happening in my classroom and things have been moved...and gone is my cord! Like ok let's get in contact with the workers have they seen it.....well yes they have someone had put it on top of the bin! Great so now it's been throw out. Like what the fuck. What retard throws a cord out?


  1. KPissed

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    Hello YMe, nice to see you back here.

    As to what type of retards throw a cord away, all I can say is they must be in the class as the retard who put a parakeet cage out with the trash near here - WITH THE BIRD STILL IN THE CAGE - ALIVE!!! I saved the little bird but he was really shook up by the experience. And this is NOT the first time this has happened.

    I'm just waiting for some jackass to put their kids out with the trash. One guy already abandoned his elderly father in the street here so hey, what the fuck, why not the kids too. Sure to save on the food bill. Maybe even leave room to bring the laptop cord back to the house? Who can say?

    KPissed - Don't even get me started on how people steal things and pretend someone must have put it in the trash by mistake.

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