I have been on this website for four years now... I remember registering my first moniker here on March 3, 2013. I had been reading rages here for some time before registering.

Although JustRage after 2012 has been a shadow of its former self and I showed up practically after all the funny moments were over, I have thoroughly enjoyed a good deal of the time I spent posting on or reading this site. Back when I came in, there were still a few trolls left here; I do remember some ugly and brutish flamewars that took place between March & June 2013.

In my own experience, online communities, once having declined, never make it back. Sad, but true. Every message board, online forum which lost traffic for a prolonged time has never got it back. Perhaps we must accept that this site had its days and now those days are over? One thing is very certain; for something that was created way back in 2003, the idea, concept and the basis of JustRage is creative and original.

I'm glad to see a few of you still coming here now and then in an attempt to revive JustRage. I am more than willing to work with you and try to beat the odds!


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    JimHorrormania, I don't know how long JR will be around. Its great to see people like you and others still around here. But you are right about this site not being what it once was.

    The problem with JR was that first off, the site was swamped with trolls. Hundreds of pages of copy pasta full of senseless drivel. Most of it done by two or three ass clowns from public internet access URLs so it was hard to stop them. Next, the site was up and down a lot - while trying to fix the troll problems - and some people just went away. Finally, anger forums were in their heyday back when JR was at it's peak. Today, people just Tw e e t or post on other social media when they get pissed off. So the appeal of the anger forum may be fading too.

    KPissed - Who hopes JR can keep going with help from posting regulars always.

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    Personally, I like the Japanese method of dealing with anger.

    In a tightly controlled society, where a single faux pas can ruin your career, you relationship or your entire life, what do you do when its all too much? Go to an anger room. They have these motels that set up rooms full of cheap, breakable items. You pay for 10 to 15 minutes with a baseball bat and, well, just go for it. Not very cheap, but very effective for blowing off steam instead of blowing off someone's head. And afterwards, you can post the video on y o u t u b e.

    KPissed - Always impressed by Japanese innovations. At least almost.

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