So I go into a fast food place. The one that starts with a "B". And I order three things. All off their pick a number menu. No great challenge to the staff for me to "have it my way". Just a plain simple number 3, number 4 and number 8.

Problem was I asked for salt.

And pepper.

The dumb ass who took my order - which was to go - left the salt and pepper out of the bag. I always check because I am taking the food out from the drive-thru but I am planning to share it with my friends at the park. So we need condiments. Ya know?

So I ask the dumb ass for salt and pepper. No critscism, no complaint, no "Hey you stupid shit! You left out the salt and pepper!". Just a simple request from a customer. The tag-wearing asshat says "Oh you want a Dr. Pepper? We don't have that here."

Realizing that I was dealing with a person whose cognitive abilities rank only slightly higher than a mouth-breathing shopping cart attendant, I attempted to explain what I wanted. Three times. Finally, the asshat called the manager over himself and tells him "This woman wants something, but I can't understand what she wants." The manager, whose mastery of the English language was almost as good as that of a talking parrot or a gorilla wearing one of those "talking" devices, immediately assessed the problem and decided to offer me assistance in Spanish.

I explained that I only wanted salt and pepper. The manager said "We don't have the Dr. Pepper here." in a the manner of the Mexican bandito speaking to Humphrey Bogart in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Resorting to the universal language of gestures, I mimmicked shaking a salt shaker. The manager and his minion stared at me in near disbelief, as though I had gone mad. Then, with a display of patience and forebearance unequaled in any of the revealed writings, I slowly explained to the manager, in Spanish, what it was I wanted. He now smiled broadly in seeming comprehension and produced half a dozen packets of hot sauce.

After drawing a picture - quite a realist artist rendering if I do say so myself - one of the other workers (who, from her vast size had obviously already been promoted to product sampling and quality control and definitely a candidate for a managment spot) recognized the mysterious items and produced them.

As I was about to make my way to the exit - with now cold food in hand - and having decided not to say anything else, I was amazed when the manager approached me and whispered "These people they don't get the money here. Just the minimum. You know so you can't expect anything from them."

I said nothing, choosing instead to make another universally known gesture involving a single finger before taking my leave - and my greasy bag - out the door.

Why do people think that because they get low wages they don't have to do anything? Why does low wage managment think this is ok? Why can't I get any #%&%@#$ salt and pepper? Why? WHY???

The low wage manifesto that's why!

One of my favorite (original) sayings is this
"When you retire from a job, you have 40 years of experience. When you retire from a profession or career, you have 40 years of experiences."

And to think they now want $15 per hour for this kind of "service".

KPissed - Don't even get me started on the idea of what "fast food" means.


  1. JimHorrormania

    JimHorrormania 383 days ago Permalink

    Jeez, must have been a frustrating ordeal. How in the fuck can someone not understand something as basic as salt? How dumb can people be? By the way I did not know you're a woman.

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 377 days ago Permalink

    JimHorrormania, it was frustrating.

    About being a woman. I don't often reveal this fact on websites because people tend to look down on women and disregard their opinions, etc. They get upset with women using language and all that. And I am sick of that shit.

    I used to flip houses way back before it was hyped on TV. I also fixed the falling-down church we went to before. After all the work was done, the fucking pastor calls me into the office to "counsel" me on the sin of being gay. WTF???? Married with kids and he's judging me for fixing his fucking church building that none of the men could fix!!!!

    So yeah. I don't loudly announce being a woman.

    KPissed - Don't even get me started on men who think a screwdriver comes in a glass with orange juice.

  3. JimHorrormania

    JimHorrormania 376 days ago Permalink

    I'm impressed, really. I respect that you believe what you have to say is more important than your identity and hence haven't publicized it. People generally like to wear their identities on their sleeves on many internet forums I visit. They need to talk about it in every single post. And then complain when people target their identity. This is the internet, everybody is anonymous until they choose not to be.

  4. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 331 days ago Permalink

    Hi KP, and Horrorman Jim,,

    ... It disturbs me how some folk presume that earning minimum wage excludes them from certain duty / responsibility. Partially because more and more people work for minimum wage nowdays,, but mostly due to my apparent prehistoric work ethic (it's not worth doing shit the wrong way). I've actually had people call me a wierdo because i've done a job well / worked hard whilst only earning the minimum. These free riders bringing more and more attitude into the workplace isn't helping anyone either, but i guess that's their goal essentially.

    ... oh, PS - don't anyone let KP give you a ribbing, (haha) half robotic cyborg imo,,


  5. KPissed

    KPissed 328 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, there is an old joke here that goes like this . . .

    They developed a new gun but it turned out to be useless. It was called "The Government Employee" and it would not work because it could not be fired.

    KPissed - Don't even get me started on higher wage fuckers who won't work either

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