A scaregun is used by each of my three farming neighbours, emitting blasts to frighten birds away from their crops. For max effect, they use explosive cartridges,, and sync each device to discharge in succession.
Tonight i am fed the fuck up with these hillbilly kunts, and looked up what laws are in place...
7am (earliest start),, they all start at 5am.
8pm (latest finish),, they are all still running now 11.30pm.
6 blasts per hour,, they do 12 - EACH (thats 36 per hour).
Any device should be 328 yards away from residential areas in order to not exceed 118db and ofcoarse not jeopardise structural integrity of buildings,, and i have one going off just 30 yards away... it's fucking abuse.
...oh, i have two pet birds by the way.
I've put up with it for years but they just have to push the envelope, getting to this. How many birds are down amongst grape vines after sunset? NONE!. i also noticed while looking at this info that there are a bunch of more effective solutions than these 18th century cannons too,, like electronic shit and wind activated noise, etc,, etc.
They each live about a mile away, but if it's un-neccessary noise they want,, i can help them out!. My stage equipment is getting dusted off, it's all gonna glow red hot and pierce through the hills for miles. I'm just gonna make fret noise and feedback until sunrise. Fucking assholes will realise they've pissed me off within seconds of cranking my shit up.
I could call some number and have them fined (200 - 400coins) but this is gonna be way more effective!. Nobody sleeps for miles, and we all know why,,



  1. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 385 days ago Permalink

    hahaha!. It didn't take long for the dumb shits to knock it off. I gave them carnage for a few minutes at a time, making sure to stop and listen for the timed scareguns. (which seemed so peaceful in comparison to me).

    00.30am - I heared some grumble guts mumbling as he arrived to shut his contraption down... but i wasn't finished!

    09.00am - i'm gonna sleep well now, and what do you know,, there are zero tractors and machinery running. This is freaky for all 3 farmers to be out of action, i thought they'd be working the fields without any sleep. (and perhaps aware of why).

    There are zero scareguns going off, which is even more odd as birds HAVE flocked here to feast on their grapes now. hahaha, costing them more than a slap on the wrist.

    I can't wait till next time these fuckers run their firecracker shit after sundown, i had fun,,


  2. KPissed

    KPissed 385 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, have you ever seen that old Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds"? You should rent a copy. Its really worth watching. And if you can manage to have a few crows, ravens, seagulls, etc, watch along with you .....well......they might just get pissed off enough to take care of those scareguns all by their little feathery selves.

    KPissed - Stone the bloody crows indeed! I think not.

  3. KPissed

    KPissed 385 days ago Permalink

    One more thing about nosiemaking fucks.

    I live next door to the nosiest, most inconsiderate fuckers on the planet. It is not without years of experience of living next to bastards that I have awarded this top fucker award to them. Even their goddamn pets are inconsiderate. Shitting all over my yard, barking all night, etc.

    So in line of thinking about birds and scare tactics, last year I decided to take action as follows. First, the miserable bitch "lady" of the house comes outside at all hours (and I mean ALL hours) to curse out and scream at her "husband". When I told them to keep it down (at 3:00 am), she said "This is a private discussion." and kept right on screaming until someone called the cops. When I asked her why they didn't keep their "discussion" inside, she said her own shouting would wake up her precious six year old son. How anyone can realize their fucking noise will wake someone up, but not give a shit about waking everyone up is past my ability to reason out.

    KPissed - To be continued . . .

  4. KPissed

    KPissed 385 days ago Permalink

    Noise part two -

    After her shreiking at me throught the window at 4:00 am, alfter someone else called the cops, so she could accuse me of calling the cops on her loudmouthed fat ass, she waddled off on her swollen cankles. But they weren't done yet, and resumed the fight - outside right under my bedroom window - after which display of inconsideration I did call the cops. So having some training in psychology, I realised what she really wanted was an audience to announce her greivances to and the ensuing attention.

    So I decided since she loved the sound of her own voice so much she must think everyone else wants to hear her too, I took the following second action. I got this kiddie toy parrot that repeats every word anyone says in range of it. So every word, shout, scream, curse, belch and fart the bitch made was repeated - loudly!!! So you could say I flipped her the bird. In more ways than one.

    KPissed - Who wished I had a photo of her face when she realized what was happening ...wishing I had a photograph (Flock of Seagulls?)

  5. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 384 days ago Permalink

    'she waddled off on her swollen cankles'

    hahaha! thats classic!!

    The birds sounds like a winner, i havn't seen my film getting mate for a while though... I think he's getting married soon, but i'll eventually catch up,,


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