This one really pissed me off.

So the US border patrol picked up this Mexican who crossed the border illegally. He crossed on Monday, was caught and returned to Mexico Tuesday morning. The Mexican border authorities said he had all his stuff in a bag from US Immigration. They also said they offered him food and free transport home or to a Mexican shelter - which he refused, walking out of the Mexican facility. Which he was allowed to do because, hey folks, he's a Mexican citizen in Mexico.

So on Wednesday, this guy jumps off a bridge near the border and kills himself. Witnesses said he was screaming that he didn't want to be sent back to Mexico before jumping. His family said he was working in the US illegally for years. They also said he "lived for his children", and sent money back to Mexico to support them. Another family member said he wasn't returning to the US to work, but because he had "problems" in Mexico. No matter what, they guy is dead and some people miss him and its sad.

So why am I pissed off? Here's why.

When the story got on the news people all over Mexico were outraged. What the hell were they outraged over? That he got caught breaking our laws by trying to enter the US illegally? That he got sent back, with all his stuff? That some of his stuff was missing from his bag when they found his body (taken by whom - other Mexicans)? Or that he was screaming he didn't want to go back to Mexico and the US govt. basically said you don't get to have your way and we are sending you home? What the hell are they "outraged" over? That there is not work in Mexico and the Mexican govt. does nothing for helping its poor? What?

They also said people are blaming Donald Trump. Trump is not my favorite person in the world, but come on people, how the hell is any fault of his when someone is caught breaking the law and, instead of being punished for it, is just sent home. At the US taxpayer's expense.

This guy's family has posting all kinds of messages on T w I t t e r , etc. saying "He's an angel now.", etc. Well since he's probably a Christian like most Mexicans, he probably won't be able to cross the border into heaven since he killed himself. Wonder what kind of "outrage" that will start, and how they'll manage to complain to their churches that make this rule about suicides?

Here it is in a nutshell. If a US citizen who spoke English and Spanish, and was fully literate, and tired of working for min wage in the US crossed the Mexican border illegally and went to a resort hotel and said "Hire me. I'm bi-lingual and will work for less than the Mexican citizens here.", and they fired a Mexican to hire this US illegal, what the hell would the Mexicans say? Wouldn't they get pissed that one of their own was kicked out in favor of someone with more skills who would work for less money? You bet your ass they would yell so loud you could hear them all the way to Washington! So why they can't understand the reverse side of illegal immigration, I don't understand at all. Maybe its just selfishness and not giving a shit about anyone else's rights.

KPissed - Rip Mr. Olives. Hope you can get past the border patrol into heave.


  1. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 387 days ago Permalink

    This is tragic (RIP mr olives).

    At arms length, being an acception to the laws which apply to all would inevitably surpass this tragedy. Laws that i hate, someone else loves,, and vice versa. Without some of them, the world would be very dark,, very quick.

    I don't have night vision, but i have seen some scary stuff in the depths of my own soul. Maybe mr olives seen something darker, and did the right thing?.

    ...maybe i should keep this at arms length,,


  2. KPissed

    KPissed 385 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, maybe the guy owed money, especially for those arranging his border crossing. Who knows? In the USA when someone doesn't pay their debts, they send letters, make collection phone calls, maybe even take you to court. Finally they settle for whatever they can get. In Mexico, and other places I've been to also, they just fucking kill you, as an example to others who might be considering welching.

    I feel sorry for this guy because he left kids behind. But he did break our law - and Mexican law too that says "No visa - no cossing" - and he got sent back. That's that. To blame anyone other than the guy himself or the general attitude of Mexico that they should be able to come here and work and pay not taxes and keep doing this whenever they please, is just plain ridiculous.

    KPissed - Who has crossed many borders, but all legally

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