How is it that no one can manage to just say what they have to say without first changing every word around so their statements are "politically correct"? What the hell does it mean to be politically correct anyway? It means using a dazzling array of bullshit and fancy phraseology to soften or hide the actual meaning of what you're trying to say. Why do this? So you won't offend anyone so much that they will not vote for you (or your party candidates) or won't support your cause. So no one can actually say what they mean in plain everyday language we can all understand, because they are too busy thinking up new ways of changing everything into bullshit they think the average person will A) not understand at all or B) will pretend they know what you said so no one will think they don't understand what you said.


Why can't these politically correct assholes just tell it like it is? How about a boss about to tell everyone that the plant is closing down and all the jobs are being sent to C H I n a? They can't just say "Look. The company is going over-seas and thanks for all your years of (insert blah, blah, blah here), etc." No! They have to stand there and say "Economically the company is in a lowered state causing the management to rethink the current employment location. So after today, we will all be functioning independently as non-employee benefit (unemployment) recipients." Right! Bullshit!!!

Why can't people just say what they mean? Do they think the blow is any less if they use big words and fancy phrases? FUCK NO!!!!! Get a clue you politically correct assholes! WE KNOW WHEN YOU ARE BULLSHITTING US, SO JUST FUCKING STOP!!!

I don't know how good a president Trump will be, but he really nailed it when he said political correctness is a disease that's killing our country. And for that statement I say "Thank you Mr. Trump." Just plain old thank you. Not "Allow me to express my sentiments regarding the level of plausibility in (insert blah, blah, blah here). . .

KPissed - Politically incorrect, but direct, as usual.


  1. Anonymous

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    ???????? ??????? ??????????????


  2. caspar-milquetoast

    caspar-milquetoast 396 days ago Permalink

    Don't you think the statement that p.c. is "killing our country" is a little over the top though? There is some serious shit killing the u.s.a. and p.c. is probably the least of its worries.

  3. KPissed

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    Hi Caspar. Nice to see you back here.

    About PC-speak, I think there are more serious things killing the U.S.A., but if no one is willing to talk about them things in plain and simple language, and only want to speak in PC terms that most people can't understand, then no one will be able to figure out what to do about those things. Let's face it. If politicians are too scared of losing a single vote by pissing someone off telling it like it is, how likely is it that they'll actually DO something that might piss people off to take care of the problems?

    Here's the way I see this. If a building is on fire, people inside will be upset. So should the person in charge of evacuating the place make an announcement like this "Attention everyone. There appears to be a conflagration of sufficient volume to warrant a possible removal to a less insecure venue." Or should he just yell out "Fire!!! Everybody out!!!"

    KPissed - Still not politically correct, but I know a fire when I see one.

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