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  1. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 432 days ago Permalink

    'phoebeez freebies' might get more views?

    mates rates?

    member benders?

    ... (insert contrusticve criticism here)

  2. KPissed

    KPissed 432 days ago Permalink

    LMFAO Mangled!!! I was about to delete this spam a d but your comment was just so fucking funny I have to let it stay.

    As for "inserting" constructive criticism, I'm sure some of these romantic "e s c o r t s" could not possibly spell constructive or criticism but know a lot about insertions.

    KPissed - Still laughing! (except over the fact that the spammer got his shit on here but I have to space out that word from the spam file in order to post my comment)

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