G'day ragerz!. There must be a gazillion things to amaze me on the medicinal topic, so i just wanna give my 2 bits here,, and ofcoarse,, anyone / everyone is welcome to stick their bits in. hahaha!.

- Medication that we take while we are healthy - I can understand a few pre emptive measures, sure,, but the extreme case people seem to be ill a whole lot more often than me. (and i do get sick).
- For someone who is not supposed to drink / eat anything - how the fuck do we swallow one of those mega tablets?. Big enough to puncture a fucking car tyre!. They don't fit sideways down my throat (literally), can not be broken in halves (capsule style),, and can not be emptied as it needs to make it down into our guts properly. Surely we can take two smaller pills in succession?,, apparently not.
- Aspirin - thins our blood, so if we happen to be taking these for a bit of relief whilst bleeding,, the streaming blood from our wound/s will only get worse. They should probably put that on the box, but i guess aspirin is not the ideal approach to fixing an open gushing wound ay. Better yet... 'if your bleeding, use this cardboard box to help clot blood before taking'.
- Speaking of warnings - do they need to write 'this product MAY increase the effects of alchohol'... on everything?. Just leave it as 'Do Not Mix With Alchohol'. Pill poppers are still gonna thrash em anyway, but the above mentioned is more suggestive to the experimental mind,, (something teenagers are not short of behind the wheel of a turbo charged street machine).
- The placebo effect - 's reputation, like everything,, has it's ups and downs. (this is basically the act of tricking ones brain to think we've had the correct solution, and everything's fine now). Usually, the 'phony' solution is administered as unknowingly phony to the subject. This approach really has me wondering... for example... If i could beat a lie detector test, then i could gain all the benefits of the placebo effect,, without actually taking anything.!. ... Now, i wonder if those who KNOWINGLY induce a phony solution in order to gain this mental benefit,, could achieve the same result without any meds at all.
- That'll do for now, i may be adding a few medical WTF's under comments here in the future,,


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    Mangled, at times like this, I really miss The_Zen_Master. He posted some great rages about this kind of shit. Oh well, since he's not here now, I'll do my best as follows:

    1. Meds we take while healthy. Except for vitamins and allergy and pain shit, what comes to mind is all the shit meds they have these days. You know. The ones that grow your eyelashes or shit like that. The answer to every problem, except they warn you right on TV that this shit could kill you too. Not to worry. You'll have the best fucking eyelashes at the funeral parlour.

    2. Do not mix with alch. I think some folks are already so mixed with alch. it won't matter if they get a little more. Although I had a woman ask me if that liquid sleep med z z q u I ll cam in a non drowse formula.

    KPIssed - To be continued . . .

  2. KPissed

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    Continued . . .

    3. Aspirin. This is a basic plant product. Its meant to thin blood but you are right about that shit too. The only reason they give it to you when you're bleeding is to get you ready for the bigger drain when they send the fucking bill. Now THAT's bleeding.

    4. Placebos. I grew up in NYC so the first time I heard the word P L A C E B O, I thought they were calling some black guy's name. Anyhow, I do know people who take all kinds of do-nothing meds and they do feel better. Its a fucking mystery. The up side is if I want a mystery now, I can just go to the drug store instead of a Catholic church.

    KPissed - Who noticed that z z q u I l l comes with its own shot glass. Kind of a hint there about alchol content, eh?

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    (rocking back and forth now)

    "neeeeed rhobitusson"... "must"... "have".

    Once upon a time, i pretended i was to sick for school,, just to taste that sweet cough medicine.... "whoa".... (feeling dizzy all of a sudden),,


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