Just when I think I can start a new year with less stress . . . BAMMMM!!!!! My bastard brother-in-law has to shove his problems in my face.
This sob is always talking about how he's completely independent and needs no one and asks nothing from anyone. Except whey he has a problem, and expects me to fix it for him.
This bastard used to live with us - a nightmare situation I finally put an end to a few months ago. He destroyed so much shit in our home - even cracked the front walk pavement - that I'm still paying for the damages. So his tire blew up the other day. It was only like nearly transparent for months and finally blew on a bank holiday. So of course he has to call me and expects me to get everything all done for him. So I gave him a ride to and from work, as he would have lost four days pay being docked for the holidays and day before and after (another great rip off policy of the USA labor system). Then he says "Oh I need to go to the bank and take some money out to pay for the new tire (as in one - the sonofabitch would never get two even though he needs two). So anyway, I get ready to take him to his bank (only another ten miles away - an he never offers any money for gas). And the asshole tells me "Oh I let my bank book at my apart m e n t." , which means a second fucking trip back and forth!!!!

Jesus H. Christ!!!! So there goes my whole day off driving this jackass all over the place. But he's finally grown up enough to say "Thanks for the ride."

As I dropped him off he says "Do you guys ever think of me now that I moved out?" I said "Sure. Every time we step on our bathroom floor you ruined, I think of you. Every time I see the space left where you broke a piece of art work, I think of you. Every time I find another scratch, mark or cut in the furniture, or a missing fork or a missing dish you broke, I think of you." He just says "Oh. That's not very nice of you to say these things to me."

Nice? NICE!!!!! I'll tell you what's nice. It's nice I still even speak to the bastard, and give him a fucking ride and save his ass from being fired. That's what's nice!

KPissed - Who now knows the theory of relativity. If you have relatives - get an unlisted number!!!

And Happy Fucking New Year!!!!!


  1. Mangledaftermath2015

    Mangledaftermath2015 442 days ago Permalink

    I'm not saying shit about KP's brother, apart from i think he's a lucky man to have such help,, oh,,, and i hope his luck carry's him into wisdom someday.

    Ungratefulness is almost a disease in my experience, and spreading rapidly. I myself have a touch of 'ungrateful itus', but it's tough to see a loved one with a severe case. Even tougher to have them exploit a position of obligation from your standpoint. Both friends and family do this far too often, and leave a stale 'win or lose' taste in the back of my mouth,, that should not happen between friends and especially family.

    I have - smashed pavement out the back, a clothesline on a 45 degree angle, damage to my spare room, kitchen bench, carpet, and driveway - all OK because i'm renting?. haha.We'll see if these friends change their tone whenever i move out and have to pay damages.

    Keep on keeping on KP,,


  2. KPissed

    KPissed 440 days ago Permalink

    Mangled, you really have it there with that ungrateful shit. And exploiting situations.

    Some years ago, a relative asked me to take his kid to school while the mom was recovering from surgery - no driving 8 weeks. So of course I did it. Then it was 10 weeks. Then 12, etc.

    Then the mom got an am job to help pay for her med bills. So they just assumed I'd keep taking the kid to school forever. To them it was like why not, since I'm already doing it. I mean hey, I have no life but to serve them right? Why not have me do the laundry, cook dinner, shopping and cut the fucking grass too? So when they asked me to start taking the moms granny to her appointments, I told them "NO!!!" So now I'm an unhelpful sonofabitch. Forget the 3 mons of rides for kiddy.

    KPissed - Don't even get me started on old farts who ask for rides all the time if they know you work nights, then cut their fucking grass while I'm trying to sleep late on Sunday - FUCK!!!

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