Why do so many assholes hate the Jewish people? What have they ever done to anyone? All I see is that the Jewish people have been at the recieving end of violence for centuries. Those who have this pathological hatred for the Jews are similar to these dumb ass social justice warriors who screech about "white privilege" in one way: they're fucking deluded.

The anti-Semitic haters want to believe that the Jews control the whole world, like give us a fucking break. This small ethnoreligious community is just 0.2% of the world's population. These fucknuts actually believe that the Jews control all the top institutions of the world and are out to ruin it, and are responsible for every evil that's plaguing the Western civilization like immigration, feminism, homosexuality and that the Jews are responsible for promoting this. Face the facts; most SJWs are white.

In reality, all Abrahamic religions are retarded and evil but seemingly it's only the Jews who have overcome this arrogant fanaticism in their community except a few Zionists (who in fact weren't doing much more than ask for ONE fucking country for the Jews, where they are native to). They place a great value on education and progress unlike the fundamentalist Christians who hate science or the fucking fanatical Muslims who want to go back and live in the 7th century. And yet, in every corner of the world that they existed without harming anyone, the Jews have been targeted and oppressed by these uncivilized animals, be it the Bible-thumping inbred rednecks in the US or the savage and barbaric Arabs in the Middle East which is their home.

The one country where the Jews are a sizeable population, the one country they ask for, and these fucking beasts squat over that as well. And yet, Muslims are given all rights to practice their faith in Israel.

Personally, I've liked every Jew I've met, I'm friends with many of them and they seem like honest, hard working people. These Jew-haters need to fuck off.


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    JimHorrorMania, good to see you back.

    As for people hating the Jews - its true! And they know it too. Since Jews are one of the smallest religious populations in the world today and getting fewer all the time, and harmless as you say, I can't think why people hate them so much. But there are a few possible reasons, albeit misdirected, for this hatred as follows . . .

    1. Christians say the Jews killed Jesus. But the bible says Jesus was meant to come here be sacrificed. So the Romans, Jewish High Priests, and Judas Iscariot all took part in making it happen. So why blame anyone?

    KPissed – To be continued . . .

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    2. Muslims blame Abraham for leaving his first son Ishmael (considered the founder of Islam – even though that happened around 600 CE) and his Egyptian slave mother in the desert to die after his wife Sarah had a son Issac. But Abraham is one of the Islamic patriarchs. So why should Muslims hate Jews?

    3. People have thought the Jews were trying to take over the world for centuries, citing this 1920's book The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, written supposedly by the Jewish high council. Why the Jews would carelessly reveal this clever plan in print (not in Hebrew either) I can't say.

    KPissed - Who always remembers that old 1960's song by Tom Leherer (a Jew) "Everybody Hates the Jews"

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    One more thing. On reason I think they used to run the Jews out of town in old Europe was this. The Jews used to lend money to a lot of people - including all the local big shots and sub-royalty. When the locals owed too much and there was any kind of local disaster, they put two and two (or two and Jew) together, and WHAM!!!! A pogrom - which is a way to kill or drive out the Jews. And whaddayaknow? No more debt.

    KPissed - Who has Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, and whateverthehellall in my family and we alternately love and hate each other with total equality - AMEN!!!

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