Captain Falcon's hands shook as his nails slided across his armpits. "Captain, what are you doing?" asked the company's Pikachu. "POKE-POKE-POKEMAAAANN!!" yelled Falcon as he continued to furiously scratch his underpits. The blue falcon was invested in a deep introverted moment as he observed Pikachu's muscles getting bigger. If Falcon's scratching pattern was any sign, this month's electrical harvest was going to be above average. "Our Lord Jigglypuff will be pleased!" he said softly. "Why yes, mister Falcon. I've been busy growing this dual load of electrical matter for two weeks, now. Your scatching pattern helped for sure, being the usual guide that it is." re-assured Pikachu. Captain Falcon only scratched even harder, finding more purpose and pride in his role. His nipples and crotch erect, his body was ready.

On both sides of the company's giant Pikachu were lined two symmetrical elevators that allowed access to Lord Jigglypuff's room. Pit and Dark Pit were busy riding both elevators up and down, in a race to see how many times they can cum arrows before the Apocalypse. Above was the aforementioned Lord Jiggly's room, who was aligned with a table, a chair and a globe for precise missile strikes. For Lord Jigglypuff was full of mercy and kindness and his holy role asked for great judgment. "This fucking planet needs to die." he thought pensively as he pulled out a bolt out of Mewtwo's chest. "Can't you help me there, with your teleketinic powers, asshole? All these morons down there think I'm god but we both know all I can do is sing like a girl." Lord Jigglypuff spouted as he threw the bolt away. "Heh, you're too cute like this, sweating over the little things. Jigglypuff, please let me stretch your anus with the power of my sexy naughty mind." Mewtwo meowled as his chest was laid open. "Yeah, right. Go fuck yourself, freakshow. You talk smooth but we both know you live in a horribly mutated body, stop lying to yourself. Pikachu is about to deliver this month's electrical discharge and we're not even ready yet. The Pits are still busy riding the elevators and Corrin is busy fucking with himself and herself." replied The Lord of all Jiggles. "Oh, but, but, I'm sorry you Pink Jiggleness, I'll make sure I try harder next time to make you cum. Please, stab my inner organs, they exist for your pleasure." replied Mewtwo as a weird smile appeared on his face. "I'm just a Jigglypuff, dude. I don't do that shit. Why don't you go down there and have some fun with Captain Falcon, he sounds right up your alley." "MEWTWO!!!!" the odd alien replied with a cheery voice as it floated away, his inner organs dangling down his open chest. "For fuck's sake, I'm definitively the only sane one here" Lord Jiggles thought as he continued to observe his military-grade globe.

"I FIGHT FOH MAH FWENDS." Ike replied as Mewtwo asked for help closing his chest. "I will lick your eyeballs, mister, if would you would be so kind as to help me stop the dangling-gling going on down there." Mewtwo said, looking at his organs. "I FIGHT FOH MAH FWENDS. SPRRUUUTTTT" Ike added, this time splurting out his tongue and unsheathing his Greatsword. He then proceeded to firmly plant the sword in the ground and give Mewtwo a daring look. "Please, sir, I do not have much time left. Lord Jigglypuff gave this cute Mewtwo an important mission and he wishes to go on living. I can roll up like a cat in your arms, if you want~" Ike seemed to think for a second and then pointed up, towards Lord Jigglypuff's room. "I FIGHT FOH MAH FWENDS." he then proceeded to chop off Mewtwo's vitals and re-assumed the sitting position. "Pikachu! Pikachu! Are you cockborn!?" said Mewtwo as his consciousness started crossing over to the other side.


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