It had been several months since the Monarch had stiffed the illegals and there had been no retribution so once again arrogance ruled in the Royal HOUSE of Blues.

As our fearless leader went about the day's business, he noticed 5 bullet holes in the windshield of the ever patient Soulmobile. Funny, yesterday there had only been 3. Damn kids these days and their guns,
Part II:
As King Soul inspected and marveled over the now refurbished for her pleasure ROYAL House of Blues, he remembered he had not yet gone for beer and gotten cash back to pay the illegal and his son who were waiting patiently by the hand carved recreation of the statue of David they had only minutes ago finished.
Feeling embarrassed, the King quietly called ICE, and as the man and his s
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There once was a penis named George. Had had one very blue ball, with pulsating blue veins. The hair was sticky with sweat for having bounced about so much. For you see, penises don,t always need hosts to live. A host can detach his penis when said cock has reached maturity so that the member can go on living independently. They first learn how not to bounce on the edges of the balls themselves ;
Captain Falcon's hands shook as his nails slided across his armpits. "Captain, what are you doing?" asked the company's Pikachu. "POKE-POKE-POKEMAAAANN!!" yelled Falcon as he continued to furiously scratch his underpits. The blue falcon was invested in a deep introverted moment as he observed Pikachu's muscles getting bigger. If Falcon's scratching pattern was any sign, this month's electrical ha
You dont want me...admit it. Its because Im 6 months pregnant. You think I like looking like this!!!??? lol....Just dont wonder why we havent had sex in a damn week if you didnt put in the proper effort. And still wont! "Im going to pound your pussy tonight and lick you till you scream." Then what happens? ZZZZZzzzzZZ thats all you mean by that. You will SLEEP lol....fuck you!!! -.- ahhh...I'l
You blokes will live long without your balls. The operation is simple. You'll only be in hospital for a day or so.
Hang in there buddy. Home free. I can get us a couple of fucking passports and tickets to South Arabia. Don't look at me unless you are trying not to get a hard on. This way I'll know that we need to find a toilet to go in and have a quickie.

Greasy Regards,

Peter Gay
Dr He here ...

Hi hows going?

I want talk you about the 'circle' You see police not understand the circle. Oh not the POLICE anything but the police. You see life is like the circle. What go round come back round. Is the circle isnt it?

My pleasure do the business¡
Well i'm not a happy bunny i've found out this women named well i better not say her name begins with a H,the bitch looks like all she does is drink WATER her damn DAUGHTERS CHILD keeps kicking the ball by my fence ffs setting the dogs off, does she give a cunt does she funk,shes walks with a stick prob for the reason to fob off the benifit system unless she really does have sum kind of illness
Police Lieutenant here ...

I've got you now you dirty poofters. You'll live long without your balls. Disgusting anal probing aids spreading faggots.

You dirty dirty dirty homosexuals. Everyone going to jail! Plenty time the circle in prison life !!!
I'm just done, My brother gets all bad and tough when my mother comes home and I end getting in trouble for saying "I know, I'm not an idiot", she called me a smart mouth who needs to shut the fuck up, she calls me stupid and insults me every day, I got into one of the good high schools in the country and she was proud for one day, then she went back to treating me like shit, I'm tired of it. I n

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