I hate it when I go to work and my coworkers can't get their personal lives together and it keeps them from being able to do their jobs! I also hate it when they want to tell me all about their very personal problems or conduct all their personal phone calls from their desk where I have to hear about it all the time. Get some class, please, and keep your personal life personal!
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I hate most people in my office. I'm new there and I made one friend there just cause everyone is so snobby. Anyway one day we were talking and she told me about her boyfriends and what they did so I told her that I gave my boyfriend a blowjob and she told everyone and now they call me a slut! It's just like, could you be anymore immature you fucking assholes? It's like, shit are you THAT frigid?
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So I apply to this company for a job because they tell me "We pay your tuition NO MATTER WHAT FIELD YOU ARE STUDYING and we give you lots of leeway in your job to fit classes in." Well guess what you lying fuckbags? You only pay $3000/year which only applies to tuition and not the other hundreds of dollars that come with going to school. And you also made me write a fucking dissertation about how my classes can be applied to my position before you'd pay up. I don't want my classes to apply to my position. I HATE MY POSITION. I WANT OUT. THATS WHY I'M TAKING CLASSES.
I SO FUCKED UP!!! After 6 years of schooling... I confess that now, at the age of 24-years-old, and after $40,000 in student loan debt, I do not like the field I have chosen. At the time I choose to be a forensic psychologist, I was 19-years-old, and in a hurry to choose a field since I wanted to get out of the house and by choosing a career field I would be pursing a school out of town. Not only that but at the time, it felt like the right decision. Now I realize the biggest mistake I made was rushing this decision. Growing up, I always wanted to be an astronaut; however, I soon realized that it was ''unrealistic'' and something that only Einstein?s get to do. At least that is what I was told by numerous people including family. Now I realize that it was possible and that I should have pursued that career field. Now, it is too late, and I am forever stuck doing something I am un-happy with. Next June I will walk across the stage and receive my Master?s Degree in Criminal Justice..
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. and I will smile and pretend that I am happy to have earned that degree....but deep down inside, it will be eating me that I did not choose the path I so yearned for. I only hope I can continue to hide my misery... for I have so fucked myself over!!! I will have to spend the rest of my life wondering... what if??? So for that... I am so fucking pissed at myself!!!
What the fuck? Job hunting is bad enough without the bullshit that comes with it. I'm particularly talking about those pricks that advertise these bullshit jobs....
Okay, so I work in this Walmart store, as I have done for the past three months. I'm not going to lie, it's never been the perfect job, but its been okay. Up until 3 weeks ago. A new guy called Kevin arrived. I'll put it bluntly. He's gay. I'm absolutely fine with gays and lesbians and bis, in fact a lot of my friends are gay, but he is just out of the question. He comes in every day complaining that everyone hates him because he's gay. Not true. People hate him because of the way he acts.
So I work hard, I try to get ahead. I got a promotion a while back, thought I was doing good. But today they announced the employee of the month and instead of giving it me, the guy who works his ass off to get ahead, they give it to the fucking cunt who I work with. Such bullshit. She shows up an hour late just in time to get employee of the month, then announces that she needs her hours reduced because she doesnt have time. Meanwhile I work my off days, whatever hours they need, I work through my breaks. I could fucking kill her right now, and all the assholes who think she is so fucking great. FUCK THIS PLACE and ALL THE ASSHOLES HERE.
So my fucking job is giving me not even 10 hours of work every week. They'll give me shifts and then cancel them a day in advance, every fucking week. This is the 7th shift they have cancelled on me in the past two weeks. And when I checked the classifieds to look for more jobs, what did I see? My company looking to recruit more people! They aren't even giving ME hours as it is. Why the hell hire someone if you aren't going to use them? That's so fucking stupid.
Whatever happened to the words You're Welcome?? Why is it that people have to say "Not A Problem" or "No Problem" instead of YOU'RE WELCOME?? This drives me nuts because I hear it all day at work.
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What the fuck is it with black women in almost any sort of coporate environment being so utterly rude, racist and uncaring? I cannot count the times I've had these bitches turn their noses up at me, bump into me because they couldn't be bothered sharing a walking path or just plain give me dirty looks because I happen to be a white male....
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It just takes one thing to turn a friendly office relationship from like to hate and that's what happened with this co-worker who is leaving the company because he got a new job. While we weren't exactly best buddies we were friendly co-workers who worked with each other often.

This chunky faced jerk invited almost all of the other co-workers to celebrate his last day in the office by going out to a bar the day before and then to lunch on his last day. He had the nerve to stop by everyone's desk and invite them, but when he got to my desk he just passed by....
I'm SEVERLY pissed off about my unemployment claim. Let me catch you up to speed... The last company I worked for (Seton Healthcare Network) a chain of hospitals in Austin, TX. I worked there for over 4 months and proved myself to be a worthy employee. Well, as a mother of two younger children that need daycare and works full-time (and my spouse works full-time), I had told my employer about daycare fees and how they were killing me, that I'd be better off working part-time. Told employer, "But I really would love to work something out, so that I could stay full-time, are there any third shift positions open, so I can work at night, and not need daycare?" My boss told me about a postion that would open up in the end of May (just as summer begins and school ends, therefore, daycare would be skyrocketing). It was Sunday thru Thurs 6pm-3:30am, I told him that would be perfect! My husband gets home around 5:15-5:30 typically depending on traffic, so this would avoid any daycar
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e fees. He told me it wouldn't be till the end of May, I said that I would hold out for that time slot (same position, just different hours, no increased pay)...