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I hate the fucking managers at my job. They act like their fucking job is so important, like everyones head is going to fucking explode if they aren't there. They think their shit doesn't stink and they're the most important people ever. News-fucking-flash. YOU WORK IN A FUCKING GROCERY STORE. Congratulations, you spend your days dealing with fucktarded customers and listening to bullshit, and making oh-so-important decisions like where to put the cardboard displays! WOW, HOW COULD WE LIVE WITHOUT YOU! You can wipe my fucking ass with your tongue, I'll see you peices of shit in hell when I'm done with college and watching you pieces of shit do a price check on my gallon of milk while I fuck your mom in the ass with a crowbar.
I work for a company and all the people that work here are miserable assholes hence i am becoming one. they are so stupid i dont know how they fucking have jobs. they get nasty with you then expect you do stuff for them. FUCK THAT MAN. im fuckin through with these corporate assholes and their stupid fucking demands. my boss is a real shit lately. he works 4 hour days and doesnt do shit. he walks by my desk every fuckin 30 min and when im not here he say where have u been. where the fuck are you the other half of the day. a real kiss ass he is. stupid fucking idiot.
2nd year of university, doing a course that i FUCKING HATE. Want to know why? Because im kinda fucking good at it and i have to finish what i fucking start. I HATE designing furniture! ITS SO BORING. Guess what i gotta draw: Pigeonholes. Tables. Chairs. Room dividers. a "role play" area. WTF! I joined this course to design things that were FUCKIN INTERESTING.
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I'm a cashier at a convenience store, and while I have many gripes with my customers, there is one thing I cannot stand and it is people talking on the phone while I'm serving them. They come up to the counter, throw down their purchases and money, and just compeltely ignore. Well, fuck you too. If there is anyone else in the store, I ALWAYS serve them first. And if I have to serve them, I at least remember my manners and greet them loudly and ask how they are going. Jeez, is it really that difficult to stop talking for thirty seconds while you interact with an ACTUAL human being?
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I'm so damned pissed off. It's 6:30 a.m. and I can't fucking sleep because I'm so fucking pissed. My Dad lectured me for like the 10,000th time about how I need to find a job. Every time I see him which is like everyday he brings it up. And I want to say "I fucking know alright, I fucking get it, I need a job."

He doesn't think I feel strain of not having any money, shit I need money. I need money just as bad as the next fucker. I need fucking health insurance since I'm off my parents at the end off the year because I've been so graciously blessed with having Interstitial Cystitis a fucking bladder disease with no damned cure (bull shit doctors) making me feel so I have to piss all the damned time. And only fucking perscrition make it ease. AND THIS FUCKING STRESS DOEN'T HELP
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Does anyone in this fucking world have work ethic anymore? 90 percent of the people out there are liars, flakes, incompetent and just full of shit. People get paid to do a job and they don't do it and don't show up.

I like my the Scarface motto -- "All I have in this world is my word and my balls and I don't break neither for nobody." Well, part of your fucking "word" means that when you tell somebody you're going to do a job, be somewhere for a certain time or live up to some obligation, YOU DO IT!
After spending 2 days at a sales conferance I truely have lost faith in mankind.

After a decent debate during the day we all retired to the bar.

Goes without saying all the usual male piss taking / team building shit was in full swing.

I have always thought and said at interviews that a company is like a family that seeks a common objective, i mean, you spend 8 hours a day with the same people for 5 days every month, how could you not get along with those people you spend most of your time with?

Well, i have tried, but i just can't, i can't get along with these people, they are all idiots, and i really mean it, IDIOTS who just want to take advantage of everyone they can, and i have reached the point to where i hate every fucking person in this company.
I am a proud American citizen, Ive done everything I can to help exept join the marine core, because Im against the war going on. Anywho, I have 3 kids, an honest wife, 2 kids, 13 and 16 who are never a neusence, and Im very happy. Exept for one thing... my fellow americans.

Yep, I hate people who live in this country (Not all of them, just the people Im going to list below). I mean, people are offended that the phrase UNDER GOD is in the pledge of alleigence, while this country was based off of Christianity. We cant have christmas plays because people are offended by Santa Clause... But again, you can beleive anything you like, but SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE!
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I hate my fuckin job. Since the days I started here my job tasks have changed to worse and worse. This is all because my retard wanker boss. The company's going downhill at increasing speed thanks to him and his fucked-up decisions and lack of expertise. Today I almost turned around and smashed his fucking face when he started to whistle the national anthem of France behind me. I'm fantasizing about killing him violently, setting this fucking house on fire and laughing and masturbating.

Yesterday my girlfriend left me too. I'm not really sure do I even give a fuck .
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he's an idiot, he thinks he is better than everyeone else. I constantly says "welll I will do 'this and that and blah blah'" when i have more time and get this pile on my desk gone. I am just so busy.....oh lord am I am busy. I just don't think you realize all that I do. YESSSSS I realize you just sit on your ass all day and god knows what you do! I have not seen you do anything? Maybe one little session cmonnnnnnn ONE in two weeks.?!
I'm sorry if you think you are better than everyone else, but earth to YOU, YOU are NOT.
Yahoos policy to straighten out a problem that when they are obviously wrong, is to hang up on you. after (4) attempts to retrieve a charge that occured after an account was cancelled. Not only was the charge fradulant, but an overdraft charge from the unauthorised transaction was leveled to me and neither was retrivable, according to Yahoo. this is fraud in every sense of the word. How is it that Yahoo can controll, minipulate, steal ,defraud, with no accountability. This is worng, illeagle, and I would like to initiate a class action law suite against the biggest screw job out there