This man is useless, Why did I lower my standarts. He is a lousy piece of shit with no fucken brain. His ass smells, he does not want to shower, His family suck just as bad, I hate all of them. They are all stinky dirty lazy motherfuckers. I will be leaving his sorry ass soon, He doesnt know it. It actually turns me on to say that . I get gitty and happy knowing he will be part of my trash soon. It feels good to vent, Thank you for this web site.


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    U lowered your standarts?  OMG

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    Don't forget to clean out the bank account and curse out his mother before you go!!   Fricken loooosserrr men!!!

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    Pile of shit saying will you marry me baby I want you to be happy and I can give you that. Fuck me fuck me fuck for saying yes!!! Fuck that. Stupid GED blue colla shitbag!!!! years and years I tolerate your bullshit focusing on holding it all together. You treat it like it's insignificant to you. Until I said okay you cumce cumsa prick. Wagons are done circling clueless Mfer. Soon you'll be crying to all your dickhead bar buddies why'd she do all that now I have nothing I thought she loved me this came out of nowhere boo hoo. Crying all night on your barstool like the little baby ass bitch you are!!!!! How's that FEEL YEAH NOW YOU UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL FINALLY HEARD ME DIDNJA PILE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pieces of shit like yourself lower your standards to make yourself feel accepted, that's why you married the jackass. Now shut the fuck up bitch and make me a sammich

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    stupid bitch, the guy don't make shit yet you tell this piece of shit whiner to "clean out his bank account before you leave". what a stupid wal-mart trollin' bitch you are. why don't you go jump in front of a bus there you inbred hick

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    OMG=poster is a fuckin' faggot.

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    I married a heap of shit man that waited ten years to tell me that he feels that he missed out on being with other women. Gosh I am sorry that I like commintment and not wanting to have diseases from skanks. Cause apparebtly he would rather have trash than tresure. I know this what goes around (may not come very fast) but it will come around.