I'm 20 years old and have been married for a little over a year. My husband and I have been together for 4 miserable years. He has always been a pathetic piece of crap, so I don't know what came over me to even marry him. I just know that it was the biggest mistake of my life.


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    facts are that he is a loser. he has no respect for you. he may be a good man some day but today he is a chump. you have to leave this game no matter how hard it is. Look at it the easy way....you can be fucked by anyone with no satisfaction like the game you get from him...divorce him. take him for child support and get a lawyer.....make the boy learn

    signed ....your master

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    You have no kids so there is absolutely no reason to stick around. Your only twenty and have the whole world ahead of you. This is a no brainer...LEAVE NOW!

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    You like the abuse and you're afraid to leave. If you left you'd feel the "void" caused by the lack of excitement and wind up right back with him at least for a while. Do you b.itch and yell cause hes drunk and high, or does he get high cause you bit'ch and yell?

    A lot of women just b.itch and complain all the time, maybe you are one of them so he gets wasted to get back at you and /or forget you too.

    You two have a problemaitc relationship, maybe you could save it? However unlikely that would be.

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    Is your relationship really always unhappy or did you just think so when you wrote this because you were angry. Look back over the past year and try to think of any happy times you have shared together. If you cant think of any - leave, your relationship is obviously not worth saving. If on the other hand you can think of lots of happy times perhaps you can think of what it was about those times that made them happy? many people get trapped in the same cycles, arguing over the same things again and again. try to change things so that you have more of those happy times and less unhappy times. I know that these arguments are not your fault but that doesn't mean that you dont have the ability to change things. There are two people in every argument and two people in every relationship. One practical piece of advice that i would give you - is to always have a seperate bank account and dont give him money for booze or weed, if he wants to spend his money on that then its up to him but your money should go on what you want it to go on. Put your money staright into your own account and dont give him the details, put in your fair share of the money towards the bills etc into the joint account but no more. That way at least you wont resent your partner for taking your hard-earned cash. I hope that things turn out well for you.

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    If you have big tits and a small waist I'd love to titfuck you. Leave your number on this posting somewhere honey. If you are a fat pig (which I suspect you are), don't bother.

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    My husband calls me names, is shitty to my kids, sits on his fat ass bitching at EVERYONE!!!  He is the most hateful person EVER.  When we were dating, he was so nice, calm and helpful.   When he said 'I DO' he meant, ' I Don't'.  He uses sex as a weapon and his mother is a piece of shit, too.  I am his third wife and his other wives tried to warn me.  I just thought they were jealous.  Hahahahaha.  Now I would pay someone to take this fatass off my hands.  Ever been in hell?   I have!!!  Trying to get a divorce, but other issues make it rather hard.  Normally, I am a calm, go with the flow kind of gal.  He just has me filled with anger.  I have dreams that the sheriff comes to my door to tell me that he has been killed in a fiery crash.  That is what gets me through.  Hmmmmm....fiery crash.

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    Stop fucking bitchin, you dumb twat. If life with him sucks so bad, WHY OH WHY do you ask him to stay?  Answer-YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER.  And other answer is just an excuse.  You want someone to blame??  Look in the mirror.

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    Hi  - that's so funny I came across this posting as Imy husband is such a piece of shit that I typed in the google search 'my husband is a piece of shit'. Funny thing is I can relate to the first poster as my husband is very similar.  He doesn't drink but spends all his time and money smoking weed.  He then doesn't do things he's supposed like work to to make money to pay half the bills so I'm always having to cover for him, as he's too tired from staying up all night playing computer games because he's stoned.  We too have been married 4 years.  I haven't left him as it's so much easier to stay, rent is so expensive, power etc - but when I really think about it I can see that everyone in our situation will never be happy or have the chance to meet a great guy if we stay with out piece of shit husbands.  Will I leave - to be honest probably not - if I had somewhere to go I would. It is so frustrating!!!

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    u must e a piece o shit hubby too!

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    wOW! We have DR Phil here.

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    My husband's a real piece of work  as well! Just yesterday we got into a fight and he told me that he hated me and to "fucking leave the room NOW!" and under his breath "just die". You never tell the one you love shit like that. I don't give a fuck if you're pissed off and supposedly 'can't control' yourself!!! I truly sympathize with all the ladies out there dealing with husbands that treat them like shit. Please hang in there...I'm trying to

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    You find it easier to stay in terms of the rent and power? Well he cant be that bad or that stoned or that useless if he's paying some of the expenses. If you were paying for everything you could afford to leave, couldn't you? Are you stupid or just congenitally dumb?

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    Sorry sweety I had no idea you heard me say that. I thought I whispered it quietly enough.---FUCKTARD, KING of JUSTRAGE(TM): Where Mental Illness comes to chill.

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    I can tell with the stupid men reply to these postings because they are the same piece of shit our husbands are.  I've been with my husband almost 30 Fucking long years since I was 15 goes to show you how old I am.  We have 4 kids, and that I am sorry is the only reason we are together.  I look at there faces and it makes me stay, Him I could do with out.  He's the child in this relationship, worse than our 4 kids put together.  He's got mental problems, Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hide.  He actually left me today to celebrate Mother's Day at his folks because we were in an argument over one of our children who's 10 that he always picks on, calls him dork, bob and other stupid shit.  And everytime it starts an argument because I'm defending our son.  I want to leave, but just like today he went in my purse and took my car keys and then left with our kids to his folks. Oh, he'll just lie to them when they ask where I am.  I'm sure he'll think of something good----like oh she's sick with a cold, what a fuckin asshole from hell. So to all you guys out there who respond to this site of our husbands are a piece of shit, well look in the MIRROR because you are one too.  Ha HA Ha. Makes me laugh because you guys think your so smart and you all are just itiots with a weinie that always needs attention.  Your bigger babies then your own children if you have any.  The only men out there that have any respect for what women do are usually the one's who have already been divorced 1 - 2 times who think back to how nice it was when their wives washed their clothes, did the grocery shopping, made there supper, took care of their sick children (when they are puking), give in to sex, when they knew she really wasn't in the mood, said I LOVE YOU when it wasn't looking for sex in the next 5 minutes.  MEN-- you will never learn how to get to a women's Heart.... Happy Days to all you women that live just like me.  God I'm glad this site was here today so I could Vent. Oh well, time to go out for dinner with my sister and Mother. And by the way guys I am not fat or Ugly, I'm just in love with my children and put up with my ignorant husband. Have a Great Day!

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    I ♥ you, FuckTard. Thanks for being part of my life. ♥ ♥ ♥ Ned Brickley Anger Central/www.angry.net

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    I know just how u feel! It's so unfortunate that so very many men in society don't realize the impact they have as a whole, by not loving & respecting their wives & kids. It's because they are selfish & have no relationship with God...period. They so often base relationships on sex. A foundation that is laid in lust will never be a long term happy one.

    I do know how u feel. For the young married woman if u don't get out now, r life will continue to become more painful to a point of wishing u were dead. Go now sweet one & save r self, before it' too late. Please... Go... Find a man who puts God 1st.

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    Your a beautiful mother - stay strong

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    youre married to a guy who is a reguler just rager arent you?  meybe he will see your coment and reply to you. that shud be interestting!

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    I wish all you sorry pieces of shit women here get off your fucking asses and do your womenly duties. Quit bitching about how your lives are miserable, you caused it, not anyone else. Also, you complain about being miserable but you never said how many guys you have been with. I bet you are the common denominator in your failed relationships.  Maybe he is on his 3rd wife because the others were not doing what a women should be doing, in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. This is especially for the fucking feminist here too. You bitches cause so much trouble by whining and complaining about how your miserable lives are because you can't get a guy or girl to go out with you. You blame every man for your troubles that you caused yourselves. The problem in this country is men are so fucking afraid to start taking control and putting women in there places where they belong. Plain and Simple.

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    my husband is a dick like every 5 min he has a fucken bitch fit about something i swear i feel like i cant be the girl in my relationship cuz hes such a bitch  its like come on leave room for me to complain and bitch about something..... why are men so stupid when they cant figure something out they just cant ask for help or have someone help them ughhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    I too have a piece of shit husband. He is unsupportive and does nothing but buy himself toys (boats, cars, motorcycles etc...) and makes me pay ALL the bills. period. all of them. I am still going to school and he has done nothing to help me while I am struggling to work full time and go to school full time. He gets paid 4x more than me and blows it all before his next paycheck. He does not buy me anything which does not mean shit, but I wanted to add that in for all those douche bag boys who commented earlier just in case they wanted to say anything about having cool stuff.  FUCK YOU GUYS by the way... We have been together for 8 years and been married for almost 2. I really hate him and I do not know what to do to leave. I have worked hard to pay bills each month and I have a lot of "stuff" to show for it, but he can afford a lawyer and I cant. I am afraid I will be left with nothing and all my hard work down the drain. AND for some stupid reason I just cant picture myself leaving him. He is all I know and I have never really been with anyone else. I am 23 now and I thought my life was beginning with him. I cant see myself starting over...I just cant picture myself with anyone else. BUT I am miserable...and to make matters worse I hate having sex with him!!! it is a chore and the same everytime..he does not give a shit about me in bed and when everything is said and done he just rolls over and goes to sleep.