I go to school full time and work in the fucking heat selling hotdogs at a baseball game. all the while my lazy husband makes up excuses about getting a job. oh he has applied for jobs but only at places he would love to work.  like video game tester, and golf pro. i am so pissed because i ask him to do one thing yesterday while i went to school than worked a long day after class. i asked him to throwout the bad leftovers. this morning i did it and it took me a whole 5 minutes.  if you dont have a job is it to much to ask to help keep the house clean instead of playing video games all day.


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    I can relate, I've asked the same thing at my house.  I work all night and into the next day, come home ot stinking dog shit, dirty dishes and anything else.  I got sick of it and started piling the dishes outside in a corner and letting the idiots run out.  The kitchen stays clean and I keep one for myself.    The wife is on the verge of losing her car because she hardly makes an effort to look for a job, and I thought about trying to save it then decided not to.    I feel for you.  If you can, maybe you should ditch the loser.  There are alot of men out there, and personally I'd like to find someone who'd step up to the plate and treat me like a human being. I havent gone because I'm not busting my ass for years to hand her what I've worked for.