I hate my stepson with every cell in my body. I have put up with his shit for 8 years now.

I love my husband, but I think his son is the devil. His own mother cant stand to be around him for very long. Every time he goes to visit her, she always finds a way to cut the visit short, or ignore him so he calls to come home. I have tried to be nice to him, but he has always just givin me pure Hell. He is not happy unless he is making me mad or upset. My happiest time in life since I've been with my husband and stepson has actually been when I'm at work. Cause I come home to shit every night. Stepson acts like a fucking asshole and we all fight about it, I retreat to the bedroom-stepson and husband pal it up in the living room. While my every night is ruined, it doesnt bother them. I hate my fucked up mother fucking life. I dont deserve this shit. I have eight years invested in this marraige and I really dont want to just leave, but sometimes I think it would be best.My husband hates that his son and I fight all the time and has threatened to leave over it. I wish he would leave me, but he wont and I love him and dont want to leave him. I just hate the demon boy.I HATE MY FUCKED UP LIFE.





















  1. headon 1293 days ago Permalink

    Send him to a concentration camp in China. I hear they have a 100% success rate.Or just beat his ass with something and lock him in handcuffs. That is what the police do and it seems to work most of the time.---Apply directly to the forehead.

  2. Anonymous 1291 days ago Permalink

    Cut your losses and get your ass out of there. In another eight years, the little shit will probably still be living with you and you'll have wasted another chunk of potential happiness elswehere. Or, go for plan B: Embrace satanism and sell your soul for unparalelled wealth  and universal power of the gods. (i'm for 'B').

  3. Anonymous 1263 days ago Permalink

    Its normal to hate him, things are not going to change, get divorce or RUN..........open the door now and go...........GO!!! get an apartment and see your husband for the weekends alone..........stop, 8 years its to much..........just open the door and say Adios Amigos.